Previously, Porsche was reluctant to use Google’s software because Google was asking for too much data to share.

Google and Porsche are discussing a deal that will allow Google Apps to be used in Porsche taxis, German business magazine Manager Magazine reported Thursday, citing executives from the two companies.

The deal will focus on access to Google Maps, the report says. Representatives from Porsche and Google are unable to comment yet.

Lutz Meschke, the chief financial officer of Porsche, has maintained close ties with Google, Apple, China’s Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba after terminating collaboration with Volkswagen Cariad’s software R&D department on a conference call in October. said he was doing.

Despite Volkswagen-branded Audi allowing its customers to connect their cars to Android phones, Porsche has previously been reluctant to use Google’s software, as it requested too much data from Google to share, according to Manager Magazin, Porsche managers visited the US at the end of 2021 to discuss a possible joint project with iPhone manufacturer Apple, whose CarPlay software is already being used in Porsche vehicles.

Porsche, which has surpassed its former parent company to become Europe’s most valuable automaker after listing on the stock exchange last September, reported a 3% increase in 2022 shipments on Thursday morning.