The Goa government has set a target to attain 100 percent renewable energy consumption across all sectors in the state by 2050.

Renewable energy is an essential component of the global response to environmental issues. It is sourced from natural resources such as the sun, wind, and water, making it a clean and sustainable form of energy. It can be used for generating electricity, powering cars, heating homes and businesses, and much more.

The usage of renewable energy is gaining traction worldwide. Governments around the world are investing in renewable energy projects and setting ambitious renewable energy targets, in efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, strengthen energy security, and reduce carbon emission

Renewable energy is also a major economic asset. It creates employment opportunities, stimulates economic growth, and boosts local economies. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

Addressing the second edition of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) Conference on Clean Renewable Energy 2023 today, Sawant said the state government’s initiative is projected to generate over 15,000 employment.

The Goa government has set a target to attain 100 percent renewable energy utilization across all sectors in the state by 2050, he added.

This ambitious plan is expected to create around 15,000 additional jobs, with 500 jobs per year dedicated exclusively to the solar and wind energy generation sector,” the chief minister said.

The administration is dedicated to creating 150 MW of green energy in the next two years and would be constructing up to 100 MW solar power plants around Goa, he added.

The state government has also signed a memorandum of understanding to develop India’s first convergence project to generate green energy for rural and agriculture consumption, and it will soon roll out the affordable clean power project,” Sawant said.

The CII Goa Conference on the topic of Clean Renewable Energy 2023 focuses on changing the business of industry, hospitality, and real estate towards sustainability.

The second edition of the conference aims to promote the implementation and usage of clean and green energy while providing the industry with an opportunity to have fruitful discussions about the latest technologies, engineering design methods, and best practices that address industrial challenges in the use of renewable energy.