On cbse.gov.in, students can get their term-1 roll numbers and admission cards. The tests will be administered in an MCQ (multiple choice questions) format and will last 90 minutes.

Exam Guidelines for CBSE 2021-22: From December 1 onwards, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will conduct the term-1 class 12 boards exams. Exams will be held until December 22. On cbse.gov.in, students can get their term-1 roll numbers and admission cards. Students must utilize their user ids and passwords to gain access to their admit cards.

Exams for CBSE Class 10 term 1 will commence tomorrow; here is a list of key information and instructions.

For the first term exams, CBSE has opted to use the MCQ (multiple choice questions) format, which would last 90 minutes. The sheet will include four circles labelled a, b, c, and d for each question. Candidates must completely darken the circle corresponding to the chosen option once they have decided on the answer. After the four circles, there will be a blank box. Candidates must additionally fill in the blank area with their preferred option a, b, c, or d. The response typed in the box will be considered final.

Candidates must also fill out the OMR sheets with only blue or black ball-point pens, according to the board. Using a pencil will be considered “use of unfair methods,” and the candidate will be sanctioned.

Regardless of the number of questions in a given exam, each OMR will have room for 60 questions. Answers given in circles and boxes marked beyond the paper’s maximum number of questions will not be considered.

The first exam is sociology (December 1), followed by English core on December 3, mathematics on December 6, physical education on December 7, business studies on December 8, geography on December 9, and physics on December 10.

Psychology will be examined on December 11th, accountancy on December 13th, chemistry on December 14th, economics on December 15th, Hindi core and elective on December 16th, political science on December 17th, biology on December 18th, history on December 20th, and home science on December 22nd.