In today’s digital business world having an online presence is necessary to achieve your business goals. Personal Branding is a key factor for entrepreneurs that establishes trust and credibility among your audience, ultimately providing long-term success.

If you are an entrepreneur or a person who has ever thought of having a successful startup in today’s market this article will help you in building a successful brand just like Forbes and BBC.

Personal Branding

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Before delving into the deep concept of Personal Branding we must understand the overview of the word “Personal Branding” later on its importance and ways to generate it.

Table of Contents

1. What is Personal Branding?
2. Importance of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs
2.1. Crafting Your Edge
2.2. Credibility and Trust
2.3. Growing Your Network
2.4. Seeking Opportunities
2.5. Long-term Growth
2.6. Increased Visibility
2.7. Building Loyalty
2.8. Adapting to Challenges
2.9. Confidence Strategies
2.10. Shaping Your Impact
3. Ways to Create Personal Branding
3.1. Introduction to Your Brand Identity
3.2.Target Your Audience
3.3. Write Your Brand Statement
3.4. Online Presence Optimization
3.5. Generate Valuable Content
3.6. Build Your Networking

What is Personal Branding?

Personal Branding is all about creating a personal professional identity among your audience which makes you different from rivalries in the market and leaves a memorable impression about your brand name, logo, and vision.

 It is a process of how you are presenting your name in the market with all your effort of making your first impression outstanding. All the startups and companies have certain unique ideas with their intuition and here those unique concepts should be shown using your name, logo, or slogan to develop a strong trust among your audience.

The brand name gives a feeling of a high standard of living which ultimately gives a royal status to your lifestyle and generally people own a brand that makes them outstanding among their known. Similarly, a startup should also try to develop emotions that can enhance your customer standards among others.

Importance of Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

There are several reasons why entrepreneurs should focus on generating a tag of the brand using their names and here I will list the 10 popular ones.

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs

1- Crafting Your Edge

Personal Branding helps to build a unique name in a crowded market full of competitors. By showing your unique features, skills, experience, awards, and values entrepreneurs can easily differentiate themselves from their competitors and attract a large section of clients.

A study done by Forbes says that more than 77% of customers prefer the brand name over other things before making any purchase in the market. Standing out in the market can give you a huge benefit and enhance your sales.

2- Credibility and trust

Trust build-up is very important for any entrepreneur and here Personal Branding works to build trust between you and your target audience. The expertise of any field acts as the main factor in trust building and this can contribute to delivering high value to your startup.

The market accepts a brand that gives relevance and quality to its products and the audience prefers expertise in the field which makes a strong connection between the audience and company. As per Edelman’s research, more than 81% of consumers select the most trusted brand.

3- Growing Your Network

Networking is very important to survive in the market and here Personal Branding helps entrepreneurs to build a strong network and having a good network is memorable and recognizable to others.

Building a network can help the entrepreneurs to develop connections, generate loyalty and build relationships with other brands. It also opens a door to expand your brand networking consequently which will enhance your business growth.

Networking is an important key in marketing, in which generating physical connections is very important. As per LinkedIn, approximately 81% of the hiring is done using networking.

4- Seeking Opportunities

Finding good opportunities is rare for the initial startups which may have a great contribution to the success of your business. Making your branding can find the opportunities for you instead of searching for them.

It may be any media featuring, public speaking, partnerships, and business ventures that might want to connect you and will take you to the new heights of success. As an entrepreneur, during the initial phases, you must find such moments where you can stand and speak for your brand name.

Sometimes building a personal brand provides you with a golden ladder that takes you to your dream goals so as an entrepreneur, you must ensure to have such gems in your bucket.

5- Long-term Growth

Creating a personal brand can give you long-term success when given effort and time to build a strong personal brand. Taking proper care of your branding aura and presence leads to building the base of your successful professional career.

Having a strong personal brand and presence in the platforms also ensures the security backup to handle the market fluctuations and risks that sometimes deteriorate the market structure. Long-term success only can be achieved when you have a strong command over your audience about what they think about your brand and what gives them more satisfaction while going for your brand name.

It has been revealed by the study conducted by the Deloitte group that more than 73% of the startups have their brand outperformed in the market depicting long-term success and massive profit.

6- Increased Visibility

Entrepreneurs need to show their visibility on online platforms to gain a large percentage of clients. Personal Branding gives you a path for enhancing your visibility on the internet by regularly posting content and insights. Sharing content that matches your brand vision and features can give recognition to the entrepreneurs which will enhance your audience’s attention and present you as a thought leader among your peers.

Still having a great online presence of your brand name matters in any start-up world and as per the Nielsen survey 92% of the customers follow recommendations from individuals even in the situation where they do not know about your brand.

7- Building Loyalty

It is very important to generate brand loyalty in the market and having personal branding helps to gain a loyalty tag from your target audience. Every startup needs the support and trust of their audience and to achieve that the brand should show its loyalty.

It has been revealed in many researches that having a loyalty tag is profitable for achieving long-term profit and expanding your name. One research was done by the Harvard Business School that increasing customer retention rates only by 5% can lead to an increase in profit by 25% to 95%.

8- Adapting to Challenges

Surviving in the market is very necessary and hence a startup should have the adaptable skills after which it could transform its focus on other things. Personal Branding makes an entrepreneur more adaptable in such a dynamic market without losing its credibility.

You can find new opportunities without affecting your previous trust and loyalty. A report presented by McKinsey says that the companies that adapt to the changes and dynamic behaviour of the market are 1.7 times more likely to outperform the competition.

9- Confidence Strategies

Having confidence in your ideas and working progress is good for your success and Personal Branding will help to achieve it. When you are an expert in any field and run a startup market see you as an authority of your brand which gives you confidence and also inspires many others with the help of expertise and moral support.

The startups that are high in confidence are most likely seen as highly profitable in their field and also became an inspiration for many others who are struggling to find the key to confidence.

10- Shaping Your Impact

Personal Branding gives a path for entrepreneurs to leave a long-lasting legacy and by creating this legacy they can create a positive impact that will inspire future generations.

How your brand is more often answered by the customer’s satisfaction with your brand name and the authenticity you have in that market. As per the research, customers say authenticity is the key factor for deciding any brand in the face of competitors.

6 Ways to Create Personal Branding

6 Ways to Create Personal Branding

The above explanation of the points are the reasons why an entrepreneur should create Personal Branding to achieve future goals. And now here we will explain the ways to create it.

1- Introduction to Your Brand Identity

The first step is to find out your basic existence or a basic idea based on which you planned this startup. This step will present you in actuality and also how you want to be perceived. Invest in finding your uniqueness that makes you different from others which may include some special features, values, perspectives and achievements.

Here you have to present your authenticity not what the others want to see in you just because showing your real face generates loyalty among your customers which enhances their trust in you.

2- Target Your Audience

With whom you are going to present your visibility and also expect a massive response are the clients, customers, and community generally known as the target audience. You must find out the obstacles they are facing with other brand names on which you can provide the solutions.

3- Write Your Brand Statement

Your Brand Statement is the line that will explain your brand name including some other important factors like your vision, features, and achievements. What you are and what you are seen by the market depends on this line.

This must have some connecting power that easily connects with the minds of your audience and also it stays in their memory. You can also relate it to your nature of working field but try to make it catchy and short.

4- Online Presence Optimization

This is the crucial step while landing in the social media world and here entrepreneurs should maintain their professional identity with their brand name that reflects their brand in the form of content.

If you have good financial support you can also go for your website where you can have a detailed version of your Branding and further, you can use it to show a trust factor.

Make sure the content and posts you are posting on the social media platforms should match your company’s interest and also target the audience.

5- Generate Valuable Content

Creating a high value for your startup is very important and this can happen by generating good content for the social media website that should relate to your startup idea and vision.

Here you can enhance your reach in your target audience by writing blog posts, making videos, shorts, and recording podcasts and sharing them on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

6- Build Your Networking

When you are done with the basic works that make you a working company, enhancing your engagement with the firms and company is very important and to expand your brand name you must join their hand which will enhance your profit.

Building a good relationship with your peers and sharing your effort and success will create a positive aura around you which will ultimately stand out in the market.


Personal Branding can influence entrepreneurs in many ways as we have discussed above in the article hence all startups and companies must have strong personal branding due to which they can stand out in the market among their competitors. As the future keeps inclining towards digital solutions it seems that personal branding will be the key factor in enhancing revenue growth.