This article will let you know the success story of one of the founder of Youtube “Jawed Karim”

From “Nani teri Morni” to religious prayers like “ Navkar Mantra”

From delicious food recipe to different subject recipes

We all are engaged in YouTube videos.

But do we know the mastermind behind the world’s most leading and top video streaming platform

The world’s largest and oldest video streaming platform was designed and founded by Jawed Karim, Chad Hurley and Steve Chan back in 2005. 

Jawed was just 25 years old when he invented Youtube with two others.

He was born on 28th Oct 1979 in Germany. He graduated from SAINT Paul Central High School in 1997. His father is a researcher from Bangladesh and his mother is a scientist. Jawed completed his graduation in Computer Science in 2004. He has completed his Master’s from Stanford University.

Jawed’s Early Education and Work Life

Karim worked at Silicon Graphics Inc as an Intern on 3D voxel data management.  He worked at Paypal for around three years, before inventing Youtube. Karim completed his graduation after developing Youtube. 

Launch of Youtube

Jawed worked at Paypal before starting Youtube. At PayPal, Karim met Steve and Chad. The thoughts of creating YOutube came to Jawed when he was unable to find the videos of Super Bowl and Indian Ocean Earthquake. He thought of creating a platform where all the videos can be available. But before Youtube as a video streaming platform was created as a video dating site. Yes, you heard it right!. But the plan didn’t work so well and the founder’s changed their plan to allow Youtube as a video streaming platform and that was the time when the original YOutube video streaming platform came into light. The company has raised many rounds of funding from the inception to make development to the platform.

Youtube’s First Channel and Video

Jawed launched the first Youtube channel in his own name “Jawed” in April 2005. The first Youtube video “Me at the zoo” in the same month of the year.

Net Worth of Jawed

The founder of the famous video streaming platform Youtube, has a net worth of $300 million.He is among the top personalities and person with a net worth of $300 million. Youtube has a brand value of around $29.5+ billion in 2023. Youtube stands at the eighth most valuable media brand in the world.

Significant Progress

In 2013, youtube started allowing comments on its videos.Later on, many developments were done to the platform to make it more engaging and user friendly. The company has raised the funding of $3.5 million and launched the Youtube beta in 2005. The first Youtube video to get a million views was of Ronaldinho, in which he received his pairs of boots, it was a Nike shoe advertisement. 

Google Acquired Youtube

Karim simply worked as an informal adviser at Youtube while he was focusing on his studies. Therefore, he took a lesser share in the company as compared to other founders. Because of his small share, people didn;t know much about YouTube’s third founder.

But, in 2006, Google Inc acquired Youtube for around $1.6 billion and it was the time when Jawed Karim was flashed to the public.


Youtube made $29.2 billion of revenue in 2022, which is a huge and tremendous revenue. Growth in revenue was around 1.3% on YoY basis.

Youtube has around 2.7 billion dollar average monthly active users in 2023.

Mr. Beast and Jake Paul are the top Youtube channels by revenue with revenue of $54 million and $45 million respectively.Youtube short videos streaming as Youtube shorts have around 50 billion views on a daily basis, which is unbelievable.

Issues/ Challenges faced by Youtube

The company faced many technical, social and political challenges. Other video streaming platform that are involved in posting and licensing addictive content may create a challenge for Youtube, as it relies mostly on user generated videos and shorts. Spread of hate speech is a major problem on Youtube. 

Startups acquired by Youtube

From its foundation Youtube has made various acquisitions in different companies.


  • In 2011, Youtube acquired Next New Networks.


  • In 2014, the company acquired Vidmaker.


  • Youtube acquired Bandpage and Subarctic Limited in 2016.


  • The company simsim in the year 2021.


Today Youtube is among the favourite video streaming platforms in the world. Company is gaining huge popularity and reach among the world. Youtube shorts had been a great success from its launch. Youtube looks great for the future and has a significant increase in revenue. Jawed’s idea has given the world the best video streaming platform. Today, from news to live streaming. From education to health, from earning to learning, everything is available on Youtube.

Disclaimer: The article is solely for your information purpose. We do not promote any company, its service or products through this article.