The Italian company Ducati has finally brought out its superbike in two variants starting at Rs. 13.49 lakh

Ducati, an Italian bike-making company, reported on September 9, 2021, that it has brought out its brand new superbike, SuperSport 950, in India with Rs. 13.49 as its starting price. The company has launched two models, namely, SuperSport 950 and SuperSport 950 S, price being Rs. 13.49 lakh and Rs. 15.49 lakh respectively. 

Ducati’s SuperSport 950 finally in India, price starting at Rs. 13.49 lakh

With the 937-cc twin-cylinder engine as its range, SuperSport 950 is all set to fascinate Indian bike-riders. Managing Director of Ducati India, Bipul Chandra said, “The all new SuperSport 950 is here to bring the racing DNA of the Panigale series packed into a much more accessible package, with a promise of a true everyday superbike.” He further shared, “With the SuperSport 950, we wanted to introduce a sports bike that isn’t as committed as the Panigale and could be the everyday sports machine for many riders in India.”

Chandra also shared that the objective of this latest launch is to bring a racing dynamic akin to that of the earlier launches in the series and will also be enticing the Indian riders who are going ahead with their sports bike journey. 

This new SuperSport 950 is the only sport-road bike in the market designed to deliver an exciting yet accessible sporty ride on racetrack and on the road. I am confident that this package will appeal to a lot of riders in India,” he said.