A fine of Rs 3 lakh each was also imposed on 08 designated examiners from AirAsia.

The DGCA aviation regulator has fined Air Aisa 20 lakh for violating applicable DGCA civil aviation requirements. Some of the mandatory drills for AirAsia pilots did not take place during the pilot proficiency check as scheduled, the DGCA said.

The 08 examiners appointed by AirAsia were also fined Rs 3 lakh each for failing to perform their duties in accordance with the applicable DGCA Civil Aviation requirements.

Earlier, the DGCA fined Vistara Rs 70 lakh for failing to follow route allocation guidelines last year, with the full-service provider paying the fine ‘under protest’.

The airline also said it had fully complied with En Route Evacuation Guidelines (RDG) for the past few years and only one flight was non-compliant.

Under the RDG, airlines are required to operate a number of flights to underserved areas, including the North East.

Vistara was fined Rs 70 lakh in October last year for failing to comply with the RDG, a senior DGCA official said.

In a detailed statement, Vistara said it is also preparing to deploy well over the minimum ASKM (Available Seat Kilometers) required for each category in April 2022, which would result in 1.22 flights on CAT IIA routes. % violates a percent.

However, some flights had to be cancelled due to the closure of Bagdogra airport, leading to a shortfall of just 0.01 per cent in the required number of flights in April 2022 (short by just one flight).”

Also, as per the new Civil Aviation Policy 2016 which came into effect from Northern Winter 2017-18, trading of ASKMs has also been discontinued, which has restricted the options available to airlines to make any last-minute adjustments in such instances,” it said.

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