Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal revealed that there were ‘approximately 800 vacancies open across five areas’ within the company. The news comes just two months after the corporation laid off about 3% of its workers.

As hundreds of workers are laid off in the tech industry, foodtech Zomato has encouraged people to apply for more than 800 open roles within the company. The news comes exactly two months after the corporation laid off approximately 3% of its workers due to poor performance. In the last year, Zomato has had significant high-level exits, including the resignation of two co-founders.

“At Zomato, we have roughly 800 positions open across these five roles. If you know someone who would be a good fit for any of these positions, please tag them on this thread,” stated Co-founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal in a LinkedIn post.

He encouraged people to contact him via email ([email protected]) if they were interested in learning more about any of these opportunities. In addition, images of the job descriptions and qualifications for the five roles in question were included in the post.

Earlier in the day, the firm denied allegations that it was discontinuing its 10-minute food delivery service. The food aggregator announced plans to rename Instant and create a new menu. According to Zomato, all of its finishing stations are still operational, and no people have been affected by the decision.

The announcement comes just days after co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Gunjan Patidar left. In a regulatory filing, Zomato praised his contribution in creating the company’s fundamental IT platforms, citing him as one of the company’s original few workers. However, the grounds for his resignation were not disclosed in the January 3 report.

Prior to this, another co-founder Mohit Gupta quit in November of last year. Gupta, who joined Zomato four and a half years ago, was promoted to co-founder in 2020 after serving as CEO of the company’s meal delivery operation.