Chrome Lite will be accessible till the 29th of March.

Google is deprecating a feature of Chrome for Android that has helped customers save money on mobile data for years. With the release of Chrome version M100 in late March, Chrome’s ‘Lite mode’ will be deprecated.

When Google first debuted Lite mode on Android in 2014, it was branded as Data Saver. Many smartphone users back then were on tiered data plans, which meant they could be charged more if they went over their monthly data allowance. Because mobile speeds were limited in some areas, Lite mode compressed websites to make them load faster.

Google added the ability to completely block photos in 2015 to save even more space. However, Google no longer sees a compelling reason to keep the choice available. Unlimited internet plans are once again the norm, and Google believes that Chrome’s default settings have continued to reduce data usage.

“We’ve seen a fall in the cost of mobile data in many places in recent years,” the business noted on a help website this week. “We’ve shipped many enhancements to Chrome to further limit data usage and improve Web page loading.” “Although Lite mode is being phased out, we are dedicated to ensuring that Chrome can deliver a fast mobile webpage loading experience.”

The stable channel for Chrome for Android version M100 will be published on March 29, therefore Lite mode will be available till then.