It is recommended to not pick any new topics now as it might create confusion. Most
importantly, stay calm, hydrated, and sleep well to keep the brain functioning prompt.

The CAT 2021 exam will be held on November 28, 2021, at IIM Ahmedabad. More than 2 lakh people
are expected to take the exam, which will be conducted via computer-based testing (CBT). The test
will be broken down into three parts: verbal ability and reading comprehension (VARC), data
interpretation and logical reasoning (DILR), and quantitative aptitude (QA). T
The exam’s time has also been shortened to two hours this year, so it’s possible that fewer questions
may be asked in each segment.
This is the penultimate week of preparation for candidates. Aspirants must have unique plans for
each component in order to pass CAT 2021. Solving CAT previous year papers, on the other hand, is a
requirement. Candidates should choose which component they will begin with for verbal ability and
reading comprehension. Candidates should strive to solve more comprehensions and review their
vocabulary notes in the last week. Even within the previous week, read English newspapers and
Candidates should concentrate on accuracy rather than attempting more questions when preparing
for data interpretation. To do so, attempt to complete as many CAT 2021 practice tests as feasible.
Allocate the most time possible in the last seven days to this area so that you can get more questions
with more precision. Solving puzzles, sudoku, and crossword puzzles from newspapers can aid with
logical reasoning.
The division of time method is crucial for the quantitative aptitude component. Re-examine all of the
relevant formulas. Review all of the shortcuts you’ve learned. If more than one approach is available,
choose the one that will lead to the correct answer the quickest. To make speedier calculations,
review basic mathematical tables, square roots, and cube roots.
In the last week, take at least three to five mock tests and analyze your results. The focus of the
analysis should be on how much time you spend on each question.
It is advised that no new themes be chosen at this time, as this may cause confusion. Most essential,
be calm, hydrated, and get plenty of rest to keep your brain in top shape.