Juhi Chawla, widely popular and renowned actress of Bollywood industry, has been appreciated and acclaimed for her incredible journey both in front of and behind camera. The physical appearance, beauty, and general behaviour make her suitable for brand associations throughout her acting career. 

Brand Endorsed By Juhi Chawla

Source: DNA India

Juhi also owns an IPL team franchise the Kolkata Knight Riders jointly with her husband and the Bollywood symbiote Shah Rukh Khan. She also began a production company called Dreamz Unlimited along with the famous actor Shah Rukh Khan and this company has produced many films including the hit flick ‘Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani. ‘ 

The gifted beauty queen has also acted as the judge on some reality shows such as the “Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa”. 

She takes an active part in not only organization of various charity events and programs but also in their promotion. For instance, in June, 2021 she initiated litigation regarding the use of the 5G network in India, claiming health risks to individuals. The Delhi Court finally threw out the case, terming it as filed merely for scandalous, frivolous purpose and filing a fine of Rs. 20 lakh was levied on the petitioners.

Here Below The Brand Endorsed by Juhi Chawla

Top Brands
4Rooh Afza
5Kellogg’s Chocos
6Emami Boroplus
7Kesh King
10Hari Darshan


Maggi, a brand out of Switzerland is one of the best selling and instantly recognizable instant noodles in India. A Swiss company that was founded by Julius Maggi in 1884, it was sooner or later bought by Nestlé S. A in the year 1947. Some of the product categories include noodle, soup, seasoning, and bouillon cube products that The brand has to offer.

This company’s Maggi instant noodles are produced and marketed in different parts of the world including Bangladesh, South Africa, Singapore and Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand and Nepal and Malaysia and India. The country continues to offer large sales for Maggi which was ranked at more than 90% market share before the product was banned across the country leaving its market share to be at around 53%. Maggi dominates the Malaysian market with a share of 39% while in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and India the product is locally known as Maggi 2-minute noodles.


Lux, the beauty soap was one of the first brands Juhi Chawla had sealed her endorsement deal with. Lux has always been associated with the best of the actresses, and partnering with Juhi further cemented her position within the top ranking Bollywood actresses during the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

The Lux advertisements were famous for the glamour and grace that the brand portrayed, qualities which Juhi Chawla had in abundance. These producers include; Among them, Lux was the beginning of her long and fruitful association as the face of brand endorsements.


Another famous snack brand established in India is Kurkure corn puff, which is produced and marketed by PepsiCo. Available in India as well as in Pakistan, Kurkure is often best described as similar to the Cheetos product, which is known in the United States and other Western countries. The brand has a limelight of versatility where it’s most famous products are Masala Munch, Green Chutney, Chili Chataka, Tamata Hyderabadi and Masala Twists.

It was in 2006 that plans to launch Kurkure in America were made by Frito Lay because it started noticing that Americans were developing an increasing penchant for Indian spices. With more extended years, Kurkure extended its markets to the international level, especially in Canada and the United Kingdom by the year 2013. Juhi Chawla, an actress, was chosen the brand ambassador of Kurkure in 2004 to further brand its image. For the past decade, she has graced their commercials and has been a representation of the brand most of the time.

The Tedha Hai Par Mera Hai ’ was perhaps the best campaign for Kurkure till date as it gave quite a boost to Kurkure in television and social media presence. Juhi Chawla has been portraying these ads particularly very well and her representation of the particular feel of the brand has been very good through her usual jovial and vivacious personality.

Rooh Afza

Rooh Afza is a concentrated squash drink mainly used in the Indian subcontinent, particularly India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and other Arab countries in the Middle East. The company was established by Hafiz Abdul Majeed in 1906 with the establishment of his first store in Ghaziabad. The pharmaceutical version of it is at present produced by Hamdard Laboratories which is a Delhi based healthcare company in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Although it is reported to have been formulated as a herbal mix that prevents heat strokes and loss of water, the current use of Rooh Afza is basically associated with Ramadan when it is consumed and also used in making cold milk based products like Falooda. Hence, in 2009, Hamdard Laboratories got actress Juhi Chawla as their brand ambassador.

The company chose her for the task of revamping Rooh Afza and providing it a fresher look to young customers, as they feel she perfectly embodies the brand’s message. The advertisement is a skit depicting Juhi Chawla as a mother happily doing a round with Rooh Afza to revive everyone in her family on a hot Sunday afternoon. The sales slogan of ‘Freshness ka Naya Sur’ immediately followed the advertisement.

Kellogg’s Chocos

Kellogg’s Chocos, which stands as one of the prime brands within India’s breakfast cereal category, is a product of Kellogg’s, an American multinational foods company located in Battle Creek of Michigan. The snack, a cereal product, is sold in a number of flavours with chocolate being most preferred and this product is exported to Europe and Middle East.

Companies such as Kellogg’s, Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Pop-Tarts, Rice Krispies, Cheez-It, and Pringles are currently trading in a business in more than 180 world locations. In less than a decade and at the year end 2016, it has become the largest cereal company globally and is also the second-largest snack maker with a total sales of $13 billion.

For instance in 2013, Juhi Chawla endorsed Chocos as the brand ambassador for them in India. A popular advertisement that she has been a part of is that of Paushtik where she repeats the line “Paushtik khilao, don’t chhupao. ” In an interview regarding her endorsement with Kellogg’s Chocos, she mentioned her children have been regular consumers of the product hence committing to endorse the product was not a difficult task for her. The brand selected Juhi for the biological relation she has with mothers who prefer the brand and improving the manufacturer’s link with its desired demographic.

Emami Boroplus

There is also the Boroplus Skincare cream from the Emami Group multinational organization, which is an antiseptic cream that can be used as a winter cream at night, a cream for dry lips, a cream for hardening of heels, etc. Featuring the Nature Shield Complex, this cream is specially developed to provide the necessary skincare benefits without the risks of using chemical additives. Emami is one of India’s leading FMCG groups that was founded in 1974 with brands like Navratna, Zandu, Menthol Plus, Kesh King, Fast Relief, and Fair and Handsome, the group markets and sells over 250 products in over 60 countries.

In 2020, Juhi Chawla became the brand ambassador of Emami for Boroplus again after being an ambassador for Kesh King Ayurvedic hair oil, which also belongs to Emami Group. She was recently associated with an advertisement for Boroplus hygiene products that emerged after the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic and includes products like sanitizers, soap bars, and handwashes. The Director at Emami, Priti Sureka, supported the decision stating that Juhi was acceptable with all the strata of the Indian population.

Kesh King

Kesh King is one of the most popular Ayurvedic hair oil brands in India and it belongs to the Emami Group, which is one of the largest Indian conglomerates in India with more than 250 products produced in seven production sites distributing through over 5 million outlets in the country. The main and financial highlights of the company include; The company generated Revenues of Rs. 2655 crores for the year 2019-2020.

Juhi Chawla was the brand ambassador of Kesh King for six years and it has established a good brand image during this period. Her presence enthralled the audience, and the overall message on the product was aligned to the market. Juhi Chawla, who was replaced by Sania Mirza and Shruti Haasan, actively advertised the mobile brand for many years.


Ashoka is one of the most popular flagship food brands which falls under the ADF Foods company and it dates back to the mid-1980s. The brand is also famous for Indian food products like Frozen Entrées, Rolls, Frozen vegetables, Ready to eat food, Chutneys & Pickles. Ashoka specifically targets the Indians who are living in India and the Indian expatriates living in other parts of the world.

Ashoka is owned by the ADF Foods which has a well set network distribution channel of more than 180 distributors in over 52 countries making ADF Foods Ltd an ethnic Indian Foods manufacturer and marketer of international repute. Also, ADF Foods provides products that have connections with the Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean peoples.

Ashoka products are remarkably famous in areas like Asia, the Middle East, Australia, the Americas and the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. Juhi Chawla… Read more: Ashoka Pickles has adopted the Indian actress Juhi Chawla as their brand ambassador. She has made a commercial regarding the health benefits of consuming olive oil used in producing Ashoka Pickles.


Kissan is a well-known brand in India providing its consumers with sauces and spreads, peanut butter, squash and juice, jam and canned fruits and many more products. It exists as one of HUL’s well-known brands that was developed in the 1990’s. It has its roots in pre-Independent India, during British rule, in the Punjab region where farmers used to sell fruits and vegetables harvested in the morning.

Kissan grew into a brand with a wide range of products on offer and has maintained the consumers’ and farmers’ welfare as its major concern. Research with specific figures revealed that in 2019, Kissan ketchup used 76% sustainably sourced tomatoes. Celebrities are attached with certain brands; Juhi Chawla endorses Kissan Ketchup at the instance of 2011 and Kissan Creamy spreads recently.

In the advertisement of Kissan ketchup, Juhi Chawla makes a specialty of making it from 100 % real tomatoes and stresses on this factor to convince the children who do not like eating raw tomatoes and some vegetables. She too advertises Kissan Creamy Spreads involves repudiating the old tradition, in which mothers would butter up their children into eating healthy homemade foods.

Hari Darshan Rope

Juhi Chawla becomes the new face of Hari Darshan being a popular name in the market is delighted to have Juhi Chawla as its new brand ambassador. Today, a highly acclaimed actress has been chosen to feature in the next advertising campaign featuring Hari Darshan’s new incense sticks. As per the company portrayal, Hari Darshan personifies commitment, faith, optimism, and health, along with joy, for over half a century, values that Juhi Chawla represents accurately.

Juhi Chawla is a talented artiste, star, beauty queen, professional worker, businesswoman, mother-woman and charity woman,” said Goldy Nagdev, Managing Director of Hari Darshan Sevashram Private Limited. With such a partner, we can successfully continue building our company and we are looking forward to it especially as we concentrate on the development of our brand.


Dabur is a leading FMCG group in India that is involved in the production of Ayurvedic systems of medicines and other natural products. Amla Hair Oil, the herbal hair care product of the company, which was advertised with Juhi Chawla as its brand ambassador. This endorsement effectively evoked favourable attitudes among consumers particularly females who admired her beauty. These points also helped in the long-term staying power of the product which was due to this endorsement.


Juhi Chawla has established herself as a prominent figure in the Bollywood industry, garnering recognition for her contributions both as an actress and a producer. Her charisma, elegance, and captivating persona have rendered her a sought-after figure for numerous brand endorsements over the course of her career. Notably, she demonstrates her entrepreneurial acumen through her co-ownership of the IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders alongside her husband and Shah Rukh Khan, as well as her involvement in her production company Dreamz Unlimited.

In addition to her accomplishments on screen, Juhi has actively engaged in philanthropic endeavors, underscoring her dedication to societal causes. Despite encountering legal challenges in her efforts against the implementation of 5G technology, her active participation underscores her commitment to public welfare.