When choosing music, each person has personal preferences. The emergence of portable audio players like headphones, headsets, and earbuds is the result of this. These gadgets allow you to listen to your preferred music without disturbing others. Thus, there has been a sharp rise in demand for portable music players during the past few years.

As a result, a variety of musical instruments have been developed by numerous companies. One of the greatest portable music players available is made by “Boat,” a well-known company in this category. A vast selection of devices are offered. The user can communicate with professionals while also listening to music while using decent headphones.

In November 2013, a new business in Delhi was established. The company struggled greatly to produce sales from 2013 to 2016. As a result, they decided to alter the boAt marketing strategy in 2016. The boAt has become a lifestyle company that sells chic technology gadgets. The primary motivation for the brand’s founding was to provide individuals of all ages with accessible, stylish, and long-lasting audio accessories.

The Success Story BoAt

The Success Story BoAt

The business started by making and selling cables. In the beginning, BoAt purchased earbuds from Chinese producers, branded them, and then offered them for sale in Indian markets as “BoAt earphones.” It has developed over the years to become a well-known global brand that sells stylish audio gadgets, from portable travel chargers to high-end headsets. The business has successfully amassed more than 70,000 pleased consumers and well-known brand advocates in just a few short years. In 2020, the boAt will rank as the fifth-largest global brand for wearable music technology. Ramp walkers holding boAt items were the sole accessories at the 2019 Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai.

The brand’s introduction was the brainchild of Gurugram resident Aman Gupta and ardent audiophile Sameer Mehta. They became aware of the demand for Swadeshi products as Chinese goods became more and more well-liked in the Indian market. They primarily concentrated on offering Indian clients durable goods at fair pricing.

Aman Gupta:

Aman Gupta:

The Co-founder & CMO of BoAt is Aman Gupta. He received his degree in commerce from DU and moved about from one firm to another before co-founding one of India’s most well-known audio gadget companies.

Sameer Mehta:

Sameer Mehta

Co-founder Sameer Mehta is the CPO of boAt and the ED of Kores. Sameer Mehta was the founder and CEO of Redwood Interactive at one point in his career. He attended St. Xavier School in Mumbai and later went on to complete his undergraduate studies in commerce at the renowned Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics.

The company offers a range of goods for sale on well-known eCommerce platforms including Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, etc., as well as in physical stores like Croma. BoAt is thought to have essentially been born on Amazon.com. The business partnered with the six IPL teams Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians.

The business has received well-known endorsements from well-known figures in several fields, including cricket, Bollywood, etc. BoAt is supported by celebrities including Hardik Pandya, K.L. Rahul, Shikhar Dhawan, Kartik Aryan, Neha Kakkar, Kiara Advani, Jacqueline Fernandez, and many more. The business has also co-branded with musical occasions like the Sunburn Festival and Lakme Fashion Week, among others.

Advertising strategies

Advertising strategies

BoAt effectively promotes its products by taking advantage of influencer marketing strategy advantages. The influencers it refers to are “BoAtheads.” On January 20, 2022, BoAt and Bira 91, an Alcobev firm, presented an exclusive audio collection known as BOOM. Together, the brilliant colors of Bira 91 and the unique auditory experience of boAt were combined. Recently, BoAt unveiled a collection of goods aimed just towards Marvel fans. It introduced speakers, headphones, and earbuds with Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Panther printed on them.

Product Variants

Every individual can find a wide variety of things at the boAt. Its offerings include everything from wireless earbuds to audio-focused electronics to various mobile accessories and much more. Wireless earbuds are available from boAt under the brand name “Airdopes.” An important distinction between an EarPod and an AirPod is that the former are entirely wireless while the latter is the wired version. With the help of active noise cancellation technology, boAt Airdopes only transmits the clean sound of your media. The device can be used wirelessly thanks to. When not in use, the wireless Airdope can be charged in the case that the Airdopes come with.

Tethered wireless earphones:

Tethered wireless earphones

Boat and Rockerz are two brands that boAt offers for tethered wireless earbuds. These earbuds aren’t connected to an audio source directly. A wire or band connects the earbuds together. Batteries and control systems are housed in the wire or band. The band can be worn around the neck or behind the head by the user.

Wireless headphones are available from boAt in two styles: on-ear and over-ear. Rockerz, BoAt, and Nirvana are the names of the headphones brands. Boat headphones include built-in Bluetooth connectivity to connect to any music source, unlike headphones from other brands. The user is not required to utilize a cable to connect the headphones to the audio source. Lithium-ion batteries are included right into the wireless headset. Auxiliary audio cables that fit into normal headphone ports are included with many of BoAt’s wireless headphones models. The excess charge is not lost while using the auxiliary cord to connect the headphones.

Earbuds and wired earphones: BoAt earbuds and wired earphones get connected to a standard headphone jack of the user’s audio-output device like a music system, mobile, PC, etc. The headphones and earbuds offer good noise cancellation by obstructing external sounds which create hindrance in the musical journey of the user. 

There are many other new products which you can check out on their website. 

Market Strategies for the success

Market Strategies for the success

Adaptations – BoAt refers to the brand’s influencers as BoAtheads. They are an essential component of the clan. The business strives for customer happiness and introduces items depending on their preferences and needs. This fosters a sense of community among their users. The company’s goods are vibrant and fresh.

Flexibility – The company’s rapid expansion is largely a result of its ability to adjust to the shifting market trends. It kept a close eye on the most recent market movements. It continued to implement such modifications in its marketing plans. The brand’s debut item was the unbreakable Apple charging cable, which was followed by a premium selection of earbuds. BassHeads was the name of their original headphones. The company quickly developed a wide range of speakers in 2018. BoAt introduced soundbars and home theater systems in 2019.

Lifestyle brand classification – The company positions itself as a lifestyle brand rather than a consumer electronics brand. These strategies were on display during the 2019 Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai, where the models wore expensive clothing but simply wore boAt accessories.

Blitzscaling – This term describes a business’s rapid expansion. This approach puts speed ahead of effectiveness. Additionally, businesses like PayPal and Airbnb employ this technique. This risky approach is intended to deliver rapid success.

Targeting the right audience – The company is renowned for offering chic products at reasonable prices. The company chooses young celebrities to represent it. The business concentrates on offering lifestyle products, mostly to the younger mass market.

Digital marketing: During its early years, the company’s sales grew rapidly. It avoided using conventional marketing channels like television and print media. BoAt’s campaign mostly utilizes online distribution channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. The BoAtheads online community currently has 80,000 members. One such marketing tactic used by BoAt is word-of-mouth advertising. The firm asserts that it sells 4 units every minute and more than 6,000 units each day. The business opened more than 5000 retail locations and has more than 20 distributors on its side.