Mukesh Ambani gave a speech on Thursday on the occasion of his father Dhirubhai Ambani’s birth anniversary celebrated as Reliance Day. In his speech, he revealed the future plans of Reliance Industries. 

Firstly, he said that under his son Akash Ambani’s chairmanship, Jio

 is rolling out the world’s best 5G network across India. This network is faster than any other network in the country. He talked about how this network will help the country in erasing the rural-urban gap.

“Since every single village will have 5G connectivity, India has a historic opportunity to completely erase the rural-urban divide which has plagued our country for so long.

We can now ensure that no Indian will be deprived of access to high-quality education, high-quality healthcare and high-productivity economic activities.

This is how Jio can accelerate India’s inclusive development.” Mukesh Ambani said.

Secondly, under his daughter Isha Ambani, the retail business of reliance has shown continuous growth. It has been one of the fastest-growing retail businesses. Most importantly Reliance Retail has created over two lakh new jobs last year, becoming one of India’s leading employers.

“Like Jio, the growth of our Retail business will also have a cascading effect on India’s inclusive development.

Our young people will have more jobs.

Our farmers will have higher incomes.

Our SMEs and large manufacturers will become more productive.

And our trader-partners will become more prosperous” Mukesh Ambani said.

Thirdly, Reliance will continue to build on the leadership of its O2C business with new capacities and capabilities. 

“In the E&P Segment, our team continues to work harder for providing energy security for India.

All of us are excited about the Media & Entertainment business and its integration with the digital services that will reinvent the industry completely.” Mukesh Ambani said.

Fourthly, he talked about New Energy, Reliance’s newest start-up which has the potential of transforming not just the country but the entire nation. 

With Anant Ambani joining the New Energy team the project is making rapid growth in getting its Giga Factories in Jamnagar ready.

“The goals before our New Energy Team are crystal clear.

Enable India to achieve security and self-sufficiency in energy by reducing the dependence on imports.” Mukesh Ambani said.

Fifth, “Under Nita’s inspiring leadership, Reliance Foundation is working on even more ambitious new initiatives in education, healthcare, sports, women’s empowerment and ecological conservation.” Ambani said.

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