Ice cream is a beloved treat that brings joy to people of all ages. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cool winter evening, the allure of a creamy, flavorful scoop of ice cream is hard to resist. In India, the ice cream industry has seen remarkable growth, and numerous franchises have made a significant impact. 

Best Ice Cream Franchises In India

Here’s A Look At The Top 10 Best Ice Cream Franchises In India  

1Amul Ice CreamStrong brand recognition, profitable, easy to open
2Baskin RobbinsInternational brand, flavour innovation
3Naturals Ice CreamNatural ingredients, unique flavours, strong quality
4Giani’s Ice CreamRich in tradition, quality texture, franchise support
5VadilalHistorical brand, flexible space requirements
6Kwality WallsDiverse product range, moderate investment
7Cream StoneInteractive ice cream experience, customer choice
8IbacoWide product range, caters to special occasions
9Gelato VintoAuthentic Italian gelato, unique product
10Roll OverInteractive DIY experience, innovative

1. Amul Ice Cream: Top Ice Cream Franchises

Amul Ice Cream

Source: Amul Ice Cream

However, the name that has sought consumer confidence in the Indian dairy sector is none other than Amul.

 Let’s explore what makes an Amul ice cream franchise such a tempting choice: 

The Legacy of Amul:

Amul is not just a brand but a collective platform that has done what millions of milk producers need in India. This gives the franchise a strong brand recognition and trust upon which it becomes easier to lure customers into patronizing their business. Amul ice cream is a product that has become iconic and thus when you decide to open an Amul ice cream franchise then you are fully involved in offering something that is as much a part of the country as you and me.

Profitable Potential:

Amul has managed to develop a strong and customer friendly supply chain management system and consequently the ice cream franchises under this brand enjoy high levels of operational profits . This suggests that you can be able to experience a good return on investment, this makes it suitable for anyone interested in establishing an ice cream sector.

Investment and Space Requirements:

Some of the key factors that make it easy to open an Amul franchise are Program Approval: It is not very difficult for many people to open an Amul franchise. The range is rather a rough estimate to be adjusted based on the area and the size of the shop; the starting amount can be around ₹10 lakhs (£13,200) while the higher line can go up to ₹20 lakhs (£26,400). The space requirement is usually moderate and this makes it possible to freely determine your franchise – that is, a kiosk, cart, or a small store.

2. Baskin Robbins: The Dairy component of a Global Scoop of Delight

Baskin Robbins

Source: Swiggy

Baskin Robbins being one of the worlds’ largest ice cream franchise with gross of more than 7500 stores in almost 50 countries around the world. Soon after transferring its operation to India in early 2000s, the brand successfully made its way into consumers’ hearts in the country with the “31 Flavor” concept that the company is pioneers in. This international recognition also gives your franchise an aura of credibility and reliability since customers are confident of getting a familiar brand feel they are used to.

Flavour Innovation:

In the case of Baskin Robbins one of the organizational strengths is the variety of flavours which are selected to suit the Indian taste. While some as vanilla and chocolate are traditionally famous around the world, others are inventions with special tastes that represent regions such as mango flavoured and nutty chikki flavoured ice cream which are offered by Baskin Robbins.

Investment Considerations:

To start a Baskin Robbins franchise, one has to invest a considerable amount more than for starting other franchises, which cost approximately from ₹20 lakhs to ₹40 lakhs (US$26,400 – US$52,800). Hypothetically, space requirements mean that mid-sized outlets are optimal for the service provision due to the large number of items on the menu to achieve the full Baskin Robbins brand image. Although franchise fees are an element of it, the other costs arrangements may differ depending on the outlet location and the outlet size.

3. Naturals Ice Cream: Strong Quality Ice Cream Franchises

Naturals Ice Cream

Source: Naturals Ice Cream

After going through the various ice cream business types, now the time is to focus on Naturals Ice Cream, which is an opportunity in India. This brand has created a unique market for itself meant specifically for the products that are made of fresh natural ingredients with new exciting flavours and this makes the brand to be more appealing to the current generation who are more concerned about their health.

Quality First:

Naturals takes an aspiring and realistic approach in its strict adherence in the use of real fruits and nuts and other natural components in their ice cream. This concentration on quality harmonises well with numerous Indians, which are consuming primarily healthy yet mouthwatering foods. The above-referred segment opens an opportunity for the people who own the franchise of the Naturals and get an advantage over others by providing customers something new and exciting – indulgence without taking a toll on their health.

Innovative Flavour Playground:

At Naturals Ice Cream, it is important to note that their creativity has no limits to the type of flavour combinations it creates. From the exotic fruit platter showcased as an Indian special during the particular seasons to the regular Indian sweet-meets-ice cream takeaway fusions, their list is a child to experimental taste buds. Besides keeping your franchise exciting, this focus on creativity also appeals to consumers shopping for the latest trends in the market namely the frozen treats.

Investment and Space Considerations:

Earlier, Naturals demanded a lesser franchise fee than many international salon chains; presently, it is estimated between ₹15 lakhs to ₹25 lakhs (US$19,800 – US$33, 000). Space requirements typically imply versatile mid-sized retail shops to display the orientation on different types of flavours and provide comfort to the buyers.

Franchisee Support:

By far, Naturals has simpler ways of assisting its franchises, which include offering training to its franchisees as well as helping in store development and marketing. Even though the specific support structure in place may not comprise those typically seen in large international chains, they are suited with regard to the specifics of the Naturals brand and strategy.

4. Giani’s Ice Cream: Quality Ice Cream Franchises

Giani's Ice Cream

Source: Just Dial

As an ice cream brand that originates from North India, Giani’s Ice Cream may afford customers a touch of indulgences with its smooth, creamy texture and its intoxicating flavours. 

Started in the 1940s, Giani has a historical background which gives them an image of a traditional, well-established, good quality company which is much valued in india. The ice cream recipes they have are taken from ancient practice and prepared only from selected quality products, making their ice cream very rich in taste.  

Mastery of Texture:

In terms of texture, Giani’s which is famous for the high quality of its ice cream offers density of the ice cream on a higher level, with options including; creamy, creamy rich, smooth, and smooth-light. Such a range guarantees that each customer they serve will be served with the type of ice cream he or she would like to consume depending on the texture of the ice cream. The concepts of paying careful attention to the textural elements of ice cream and using this as a core point of differentiation for its franchise units are key factors that set Giani apart from other shops.

Investment and Space Requirements:

The investment cost incurred to acquire a franchise of Giani’s is in the range of ₹ 18 lakhs to ₹ 30 lakhs ($23,760-$39,600 depending upon the real estate and the size of the outlet). Space requirements usually involve designing the outlet slightly above the middle of the range in order to fit the premium image of the business and to maybe incorporate a sitting area for those customers who want to savour their concoctions.

Franchise Support:

Giani’s provides a full spectrum of assistance to franchisees where they can be exposed to details concerning the knowledge of products, store functioning, and marketing techniques. They also help in planning and organising the store so as to give the Giani’s looks and feel that has become popular among customers.

Target Market and Location Strategy:

Giani’s targets customers who want to treat themselves to a luxury ice cream, and are willing to part with a few extra coins to get their ice cream denser and loaded with fantastic flavours. As the positioning of the brand would be premium, location selection with high footfall and right mix of Residential & Commercial zones would be decisive.

5. Vadilal: A Mythological Representation of Cooking Bitterness into Sweetness from Western India


Source: FoodTechBiz

Vadilal Ice Cream has been crowned in its own right as the undisputed king of the popular Western Indian market with a loyal fan following to boot and has been in business since the 1930s. 

Investment and Space:

The franchise outlet requires a modest investment, which in general may range between ₹12 lakhs to ₹20 lakhs (US$ 15,840 – US$26,400) depending on the vicinity and outlet’s size. Space requirements: While the layout plans may be fairly general, they usually include space for kiosks, carts or smaller retail stores. It is flexibility which eases the placement of your franchise based on your financial strength and the amount of space you wish to occupy.

6. Kwality Walls: Ice Cream Franchises

Kwality Walls

Source: Zomato

Kwality Walls is one of the reputed brands currently falling under the HUL conglomerate and has been popular among the consumer in India.  

Diverse Product Range:

Kwality Walls has a static product portfolio, which includes cones, popsicles, Magnum bars etc but it also recently came up with some novelties. It offers a diversity of types to fit the taste buds of customers and guarantees a tasty delight to every client so the franchise forms a trend among all age provoking values for everyone to rush towards your franchise.

Investment and Space Considerations:

There is only a moderate cost incurred while setting up a franchise of Kwality Walls and the starting capital goes up to ₹25 Lakhs (US$ 33,000) depending on the location and size of the outlet. Space requirements are thus free for kiosks, carts or small retail outlets, a factor that will depend on the amount of money that one can afford to spend and the space at his or her disposal.

National Support Network:

Kwality Walls being an umbrella brand of HUL helps the franchisees through various offerings that it extends to them in the form of organizational and product training and guidance in store operation and marketing strategies. This national network is not only strong but also capable of providing you with the support necessary for a franchisee in terms of business and marketing.

7. Cream Stone: Ice Cream Franchises

Cream Stone

Source: Zomato

Cream Stone brings the ice cream idea a notch higher by allowing customers to throw ice cream on the wall, which will stick there due to its stickiness, then cut and eat it.  

Customer Choice is King:

Cream Stone’s source of competitive advantage is that this is an Ice cream company that offers customers made to order Ice cream. Blender may use bowls or other edible containers as the base then let the customers select their flavours, additions, and garnishes, making it a kind of live making of ice cream. This is an entertainment factor that makes every visit enjoyable and a new experience ensuring that children, the young adults are attracted more.

Investment and Space Considerations:

Cream Stone operates on a franchise model that is not too expensive; the cost of opening a restaurant may cost between fifteen and twenty five lakhs (between US$ 19,800 and US$ 33,000) depending partly on location and size of the outlet. The spaces as a specialty generally require mid-sized stores for the effectiveness of the interactive stations and seating for consumption of the creative products, by clients.

8. Ibaco: Top Ice Cream Franchises


Source: Tripadvisor

Ibaco offers a delightful array of treats, from classic scoops to elaborate ice cream cakes, making it a perfect choice for anyone dreaming of owning a versatile ice cream business:

A Delightful Selection of Flavors: 

In addition to this, Ibaco has many flavour options available in order to meet the preference of many people. They also cater for special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion that may require a special conception of cake made from ice cream. Indeed this broad selection of products gives the Ibaco stores the opportunity to entice a wide sweep of customers starting from those who just want a tasty snack to those people who are celebrating a special occasion.

Beyond Just Ice Cream:

The opportunities for Patrons are more extensive than mere selection of simple ice creams; there are specific attractions like waffles, sundaes, beverages and so on for the patrons. With a wider product range, you fit the niche needs and possible desires of as many clients as you can in the hopes of increasing the number of sales.

Investment and Space Considerations:

Taking the necessary steps towards owning an Ibaco franchise means moderate to slightly higher investment than the others, which is stated to be between ₹18 Lac to ₹30 Lac (US$23,760 to US$39,600) depending on the location of the outlet and outlet size. Space requirements commonly involve standard shops or medium-sized stores depending on the scale of the retail and sometimes the products sold need to incorporate seating for the consumer.

9. Gelato Vinto: Ice Cream Franchises

Gelato Vinto

Source: Gelato Vinto

Antarctica is an Italian ice cream parlour which owns the Indian Franchise of Gelato Vinto.  

Traditional Italian Indulgence:

The gelato at Gelato Vinto is made by using locally sourced and natural ingredients in addition to employing Italian techniques for preparation. This focus on authenticity enables you to present customers with a distinct product that is not just ice cream but a superior product that affords customers an excellent dining experience. Whether as a home-based business or as a start-up, owning a Gelato Vinto franchise places you in a prime spot for diners who want to savour authentic Italian gelato without having to travel to India.

10. Roll Over: Top Ice Cream Franchises

Roll Over

Source: Just Dial

Roll Over introduces a new innovative spin to the conventional ice cream consumption experience through entertainment, interactivity and a full service setting. Here are key reasons why investing in a Roll Over franchise is a compelling business opportunity:

DIY Experience:

Speaking of Choice, Roll Over has mechanisms that make customers in a position to make and design their ice cream. They can choose the base flavour out of a list of options that is followed by a list of options for the mix-ins and toppings, so they are able to choose what they want in their frozen product. Such a communication strategy guarantees that every visit is different and attractive, for example for families and young people who want a non-boring time.

Investment and Space Considerations:

The franchise fee required to open a Roll Over outlet is modest and ranges from ₹10 Lakhs to ₹20 Lakhs (approximately US$ 13,200-US$ 26,400) depending on the location and size of the outlet. Sub Franchise is right for the reduction of store size or available only in kiosks; it might be easier to establish and can have less cost overhead.


Having ice cream in this hot country of India is not just a luxury but a part of popular culture and tradition. There’s no doubt that the country has a great affinity for ice cream products, which means that there is always a good market for such products hence making the business proposition quite attractive to anyone who is willing to invest.