The recent War efforts by Russia on Ukraine have instigated an adverse impact on the global economy, especially for the safety of energy and food supply. In order to counteract these challenges, the Japanese Foreign Minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, expressed his desire to collaborate with India.

During an exclusive interview with PTI, Hayashi referred to China’s self-initiated endeavors to forcibly alter the existing state of affairs in East and South China, along with its military undertakings surrounding Taiwan, as among the most significant challenges and apprehensions of the region.

He supplemented this by mentioning that Japan’s modified National Security Strategy regards China’s ongoing external position and military activities as unparalleled, posing a colossal strategic challenge to ensure peace and stability in Japan and the international community.

Hayashi emphasized the need to establish a free and open international order that is inclusive and based on the rule of law in order to maintain peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region, which has been witnessing increased Chinese assertiveness. As the President of the G7, Japan intends to coordinate closely with India, the President of the G20, in addressing pressing global challenges.

“As Japan chairs G7 and India chairs G20, 2023 is a crucial year. The G20, as the premier forum for international economic cooperation, is of paramount importance for responding effectively to issues facing the international community, such as food security and development,” he said.

Hayashi went on to clarify that the Quad or Quadrilateral coalition is not aimed at countering any particular country, nor is it intended for military cooperation. He referenced Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that the Quad is a “force for good.”

Japan’s Foreign Minister, Hayashi, has commended India’s excellent leadership, including its hosting of the Voice of Global South Summit in January, and highlighted the need for greater cooperation between India and Japan in the areas of food security and developmental finance. Hayashi believes that due to the negative impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, these are now critical issues requiring immediate attention. 

Hayashi acknowledges that Japan and India can no longer maintain cooperation in the same way as before Russia’s invasion, and plans to consult with India on how they can collaborate within these limitations. Hayashi has also highlighted China’s military activities and the need for Japan to maintain a strong position, calling for constructive dialogue between both countries. He views China’s actions as the greatest strategic challenge to Japan’s peace and stability and emphasizes the need to maintain a free and open international order based on the rule of law.