Anupam Mittal’s reaction, who appears from behind and inquires as to what is going on, demonstrates the accuracy of Mythpat’s impersonation. He then proceeded to strangle Mythpat jokingly. You can watch the video here.

Shark Tank India judge and founder Anupam Mittal was unimpressed when gaming YouTuber Mythpat imitated his style and tone of voice reserved for aspiring entrepreneurs on the Sony TV reality show.

In an Instagram video, Mythpat pretends to talk on his phone, saying he wants to buy a faucet and a shower and invest in a bathroom because no one lets him do a “bath” (a pun on the Hindi word for talking, ‘baat’). He claims that if he invests in a bathroom, he will be able to ‘bath’ as much as he wants.

“I really like your product, but this is my last offer to you,” Mythpat says casually, sounding eerily similar to Mittal.

Anupam Mittal doesn't look pleased by YouTuber Mythpat's imitation of him, fans  say 'now collaborate with Ashneer Grover'

Anupam Mittal’s reaction, who appears from behind and inquires as to what is going on, demonstrates the accuracy of the imitation. He then proceeded to strangle Mythpat jokingly. The video appears to be a teaser for a new Spotify podcast featuring both of them.

“HAHA CAN’T BELIEVE I DID THIS😂😂😂 OMG! Koi bath hi nahi karne Deta😂😂 also podcast soon on @spotifyindia,” wrote Mythpath in the caption of the video.

The video made people laugh in the comments section. “Mythpat to Namita – mam, please do a podcast with me,” one wrote. “I’m out, Namita, but I wish you the best.” “Now, just like Rohan Joshi and Tanmay Bhat….,” wrote another. We’d eventually have All Sharks on the Mythpat podcast as well.”

Many others responded with laughing emojis.

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In Shark Tank India, entrepreneurs pitch and present their business ideas to a panel of seven investors, one of whom was Mittal in the first season. Depending on the success of the pitch, the sharks invest in the companies, either by teaming up or by outbidding each other.

Mittal previously stated that when he first joined the show, his goal was to invest as little money as possible, but due to FOMO, he ended up investing far more than he intended.

“My deal flow is very strong, in terms of a number of deals and even quality of deals,” said comedians and members of the defunct comedy group AIB Rohan Joshi and Tanmay Bhat on the former’s YouTube channel. I’m talking to some of the top entrepreneurs, and my problem is that I don’t have enough time or capital to invest in everything I think is great.”

He admitted that he was unaware of Shark Tank’s process or the types of deals that were presented to him. “I didn’t go into the show thinking I’d invest Rs 10 crore or Rs 20 crore in this or that idea.” But my issue is that I’ve become engulfed in FOMO (fear of missing out). And there are your fellow investors in Shark Tank, so it’s a high-stress situation with a competitive spirit.”