In the most recent episode of Shark Tank India, Jain was responding to a viewer’s query about whether residing in a place like Mumbai or Bengaluru is necessary for his firm to develop.

India’s start-up clusters are Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Delhi-NCR. However, Amit Jain, co-founder of CarDekho, argues that it is not necessary to relocate to these locations in order to expand or build a successful business.

In the current episode of the Indian business, reality shows Shark Tank India, Jain was responding to a viewer who asked if living in a place like Mumbai or Bengaluru is crucial for his firm to develop.

Launching and expanding enterprises in cities outside of metros might have benefits, according to Jain. “I am a typical example,” he remarked, citing his own example. We (he and his brother, Anurag Jain) started our business in Jaipur. When starting a business in a small town, you will have many advantages.”

In 2007, Jain and his brother founded CarDekho. They went to the Auto Expo in Delhi in 2008 after working on a software start-up for approximately a year. They returned to Jaipur with an idea that led to the creation of, a platform for the buying and selling of automobiles. CarDekho was once valued at roughly $1.2 billion.

“First and foremost, you will not be a part of a rat race,” he said. Second, the cost of running a business is minimal because you will spend less money on salaries and rentals. As a result, you have more money to put into your ideas. Finally, your relationship with your audience is considerably stronger.”

Finally, Jain emphasized that the entrepreneur’s conviction and enthusiasm are what ultimately matter. “Chota sheher ho bada sheher ho, jagah bante hai, business har jagah bante hai…” (Whether in a small or large city, businesses sprout up everywhere.)

Jain recently told Business Today that his appearance on Shark Tank India as a professional investor was a first for him. According to his own admission, he has completed approximately 20 transactions on the show this season. “Shark Tank India provided me with an opportunity to learn a lot about various areas outside of our primary industry,” he said.