The last episode of Shark Tank India 2 featured a rare all-shark deal, with Anupam Mittal describing the occasion as significant to India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Every episode of Shark Tank India 2 includes at least one pitch that piques the interest of more than one’shark,’ although it is uncommon for the full panel to join forces for a deal. Tea glass cleaning machine entrepreneurs did just that in the current episode of the reality show’s second season. They discussed the difficulties they had in developing a one-of-a-kind product in the episode. The pitchers, Dhaval and Jayesh, presented the’sharks’ with a steaming cup of tea and requested Rs 30 lakh for 10% equity at a valuation of Rs 3 crore.

Anupam Mittal stated that he had previously met the entrepreneurs Dhaval Nai and Jayesh Nai. He stated that because he understands how much effort it takes for people to appear on Shark Tank India, he has launched a new project, Dreamdeal. me, in which he asks prospective entrepreneurs to create a one-minute-long Reel and describe what they want to do and why. His team then chooses a few and offers grants with no equity.

Anupam said, “Bharat business seekh raha hai” (India is learning how to do business) after Dhaval presented his tale about how he came up with the concept of inventing a washing machine for tea glasses to ensure hygiene is maintained even at tea stalls.

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Following the conclusion of the pitch, each of the five’sharks’ — Amit Jain, Peyush Bansal, Namita Thapar, Aman Gupta, Vineeta Singh, and Anupam Mittal — presented an offer to the entrepreneurs.

The’sharks’ offered Rs 30 lakhs for 20% stock, valuing the company at Rs 1.5 crores. Dhaval and Jayesh both agreed to the deal. “Every child would want to do innovation following this arrangement,” Anupam Mittal remarked.