The tsunami of layoffs has completely destroyed the Indian IT industry, and well-known Indian Unicorn Startups companies like Swiggy, Dunzo, and ShareChat have all dramatically decreased their employee sizes.

After dramatically cutting back on staff, the online pre-owned vehicle marketplace Cars24 is now employing fresh staffers. The company intends to employ 500 workers for both tech-related and non-tech-related professions during the next three months. Recall that Cars24 let go of close to 600 employees in 2022. The company said that the yearly dismissals were based on performance.

Cars24 has said that despite the season of layoffs, it plans to hire 500 people in the next three months. The company said that it will be hiring for both technical and non-technical positions, and that it had opportunities in the following divisions: technology, product, data sciences, engineering, business, customer success, human resources, finance, marketing, and sales.

In a statement, Cars24 explained that the new hires will be in charge of steering the business’s forthcoming development phase as it gets ready to scale and grow. “As we extend our operations and develop even further, we are seeking for bright, creative brains for different professions who share same values as us to join our team and play a critical part in driving the next phase of growth,” says Vikram Chopra, CEO and Founder.

Just one week ago, Cars24 saw numerous high-profile individuals. The worldwide CTO Jitendra Agrawal and the business leader Kingshuk Sanyal both left their roles to pursue other goals. The company fired 600 employees last year as a result of their substandard job. According to the company, even though the layoffs were implemented to save costs, the impacted employees were fired as a result of their inadequate work.

“This is standard operation. It is an element of the annual departures tied to performance. According to a spokesperson of Cars24, there has been no budget cut as a result of this. The company employed roughly 9000 people in 2022, however 6% of the staff was let go. The spokesperson stated, “This is relevant to our objective of improving the used car ecosystem with a focus on quality and performance.