A startup is usually referred to as a company in the initial junctures of potency which are established by one or two entrepreneurs who wish to launch services or manufacture products for which they are convinced that there is opportunity.

These startups generally begin with very high costs and finite revenue which is considered as capital from different references including venture capitalists. Startups coexist with high risk as failure is very much predictable but are perhaps a very distinctive location to work with great satisfaction, a hub for innovation, and considerable opportunities to grasp knowledge.

Startups are determined to develop a single product or service that the creators want to put forward in the market. They generally do not have a completely developed business structure and, most  importantly,  lack enough capital to advance onto the next stage of business. The first investment made into these companies is by their founders itself.

On the other hand, in business, Unicorn Startups are privately held startup companies valued at over US$1 billion. The term was initially advertised in 2013 which was composed by enterprise  capitalist Aileen Lee, picking the legendary animal to serve as the symbol for the statistical infrequency of fruitful ventures. Apparently, 1,170 unicorns were rationalized globally by CB Insights as of June 2022. Unicorns that enumerated over $10 billion are appointed as “decacorn” companies. For private firms having valued around$100 billion, have been given the terms “centicorn”, “hectocorn”, and “super-unicorn”. 

Here the list of Top 10 Indian Unicorn Startups :


It is an Indian purchasing platform for buying beauty, cosmetics and fashion products, launched in the year 2012 by founder Falguni Nayar. The company promotes its sales – among three channels- website, app, and offline stores. It has a  revenue of INR 3,773 crores. It sells products processed internationally as well as from India. In the year 2020 it was announced as  India’s first unicorn startup directed by a woman. 

The Success Story of Nykaa


Swiggy is an Indian app for online food ordering service which was launched in the year 2014. The services of this app are occupied in more than 500 cities of the country like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Jaipur, etc. The platform uses technology to manage their logistics and supply their customer with solutions for their increasing needs. It produced revenue of Rs. 2,547 cr. This figure was came down to a 23% drop from their initial financial year 2020.


It is an online food ordering and delivering ecommerce platform that was established in the year 2008.This apps provides an overview of the  menus and  reviews of the restaurants it has associated with and  provides the right service at our doorstep 

Zomato was the first Indian unicorn startup to make its appearnce in the stock market. The Zomato Unicorn is one of the most successful startups in India owing  a revenue of INR 4192.4 crores, in FY 2022. 


 BYJU’S is India’s greatest ed-tech company and the owner of the country’s most loved school learning app. L startup was founded in 2011 in India. The app imparts education with adaptive and engaging methods which proves to be a effective learning process for students. In December 2021, according to CB Insights  it was ranked the 13th largest unicorn in the world. It has a revenue of INR 3039.4 crores as of FY 2022.


It is one of India’s most famous app that helps in transaction. Alongside money transfer, the other facilities that it provides are, BHIM UPI Payments, Recharges and other online payments. It also offers commerce and cloud services as well as financial services. It makes transactions secure, makes movie booking tickets easier, EMI payments and lots more. It has produced a revenue of INR 4846 crores in FY2022.


It is an Indian company founded in the year 2012 bye Ritesh Agarwal which serves as multinational online travel agency for providing budget-friendly homes and hotels to spend a perfect holiday. They also offer complimentary services like commendatory breakfast services, holiday packages, rewards, etc. This platform has made life easier and faster for travelers with their quality service. It has generated a revenue of INR 4,157 crores, in 2021.


Udaan E-commerce platform is the name of a famous network-centric B2B platform. It was launched in India in the year 2016. The company allows traders, manufacturers, and wholesalers to connect directly at one locus. It also promotes  safe payments and sophisticated logistics. The startup has been successful  in resolving trade related problemsin and across India. It produced a revenue of INR 5,919 Crores in FY 21. However, in FY22 it  has shown a revenue of Rs.8450 cr with a loss extending Rs.3030 cr which is comparatively more than the FY21 loss of Rs. 2482.

Digit Insurance

Digit insurance  is a dealer of an insurance brokerage company that was established in the year 2016 in India. It provides insurance for commercial and non-commercial assets like vehicles, property, and travel. It is one of the foremost  insurance companies in the country that supports customers to make rational decisions and get themselves guarantied. It owns a revenue of INR 5268 crores in FY22.


PharmEasy Healthcare is an e-pharmacy startup that supplies medicine and healthcare products at your doorstep. It was launched in India in the year 2015. It also associates local infirmary to medical stores for medical supplies. In order to extend and develop business it  has initiated in connecting doctors to patients virtually and has now moved to  Lab testing operations.PharmEasy’s cummulative revenue has increased by  48% to Rs 6,461.1 crore in FY22 from Rs 4,363.2 crore in FY21.


Dream11 is a fancy sports platform set up  in India and established in the year 2008. This startup allows users to play and enjoy  fantasy sports like cricket, kabaddi, hockey, basketball, and football. It is the first Indian gaming company to become a unicorn. The company has generated a revenue of INR 2554.4 crores for the Financial Year 2021.


With the increasing number of startups in the country and them performing well in the market, has led many startups to achieve the unicorn rank, which has eventually made India the  the third-largest hub for unicorn startups globally.  India continues to flourish in the fields of science and technology.  And the startups gained a lot of revenue for India hence raising its economic standards