Aditya Birla Group 4-Spiked Growth Strategy, The Rs 15,000 crore Aditya Birla group has emerged a four-spiked strategy, which entails concentrating on employees and customers, hovering up systems for all significant functions and developing a common group strategy for future development and diversification.

The group also intends to set up a new administration staff of highly-trained individuals, who will be appropriated as group support.

Aditya Birla Group Evolves 4-Spiked Growth Strategy
Kumar Mangalam Birla

In an interview with Business Standard, group chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla stated the group would concentrate on training and developing a cadre of profoundly trained and skilled people, improving the customer locus by rising marketing efforts and installing systems to guide growth.

The hour-long interview incorporated multiple issues like the groups restructuring, future policy, core proficiency, diversifications and likely benefits.

Birla spoke about the group initiating a management training force, which will embody 15 people each year. The manner has started this year, with 15 highly fitted people from different institutes being recruited for training. After one year, the 15 administrators will be posted to the group’s different assemblies all over the country. They are a group of means. The objective is to train them in diverse fields so that they develop as comprehensive managers with a holistic prospect of business, Birla asserted.

The group also intends to send managers on consignments to multiple units all over the world to manifest a class of international managers. The process, which will start this year, will originally be restrained to a picked few. To stay ambitious in the new environment, the group has decided to examine its hub businesses of cement, aluminium, power, telecom, fibre, textiles, carbon black, fertilisers and refining. The group will soon decide on the future of its non-core businesses.

The investor’s opinion is very essential to us, said Birla. What they say matters a lot. We also believe in appending shareholder value in terms of return on shareholder equity and capital appreciation, he replied.

Birla said the group would count assets, though it has so far tended surely. But there is no appropriate proposal as yet, he added.

Birla said the group has evolved specific criteria for setting up new projects. The group will ascertain new projects only in industries in which it feels it can be a predominant player. It will focus on producing world-scale plants to produce products for which is adequate in demand.

Birla unveiled that the group’s Vision 2002 study will be concluded in the next four to five months. This will give the group a wide idea of its ambitious strengths in diverse industries. Vision 2002 is a vital intent and not a stiff unbendable document, he added. Aditya Birla Group 4-Spiked Growth Strategy