Apple CEO Tim Cook is in India to open the country’s first Apple retail location. On April 20, Cook will also open a retail location in Delhi.

Today, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, will open the first-ever Apple retail location in India. The launch of two outlets in India represents the iPhone maker’s renewed focus on the country’s market. At 11 am, the store will open.

Customers wait in line outside Apple Stores all over the world because they want to be the first—or at least one of the first—to make a purchase from a brand-new Apple Store. Apple devotees are anticipated to show similar enthusiasm at the store in BKC. 

Cook tweeted on Monday to confirm his attendance at the opening of the Apple store. Mumbai, hello!” he exclaimed. We are eagerly anticipating tomorrow’s opening of the new Apple BKC.

Cook also had meetings with Indian movie stars from Bollywood including Madhuri Dixit, Raveena Tandon, and music legend A.R. Rahman during the Apple Store preview.

BKC Apple Architecture 

The new Apple store at BKC places a lot of emphasis on glass and colors. The storefront is made of a sizable curve of the glass. The store also features tall white pillars that give it an airier atmosphere. 

According to Apple, the BKC location is one of the most energy-efficient Apple Store locations in the entire world. The business will have its own solar array and won’t use any fossil fuels to run its operations. According to the corporation, the BKC store uses only renewable energy, making it operationally carbon neutral.

The distinctive geometry of the store is reflected in the ceiling, which is composed of wood with a triangular hand-crafted pattern. The 1,000 tiles that make up the ceiling are comprised of 408 pieces of wood each, comprising 31 modules per tile.