The Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (CCSIA) in Lucknow will soon undergo a significant renovation.

The Adani Group intends to modernize the same by spending up to Rs 5,000 crore.

According to official sources, Lucknow International Airport Ltd (LIAL) has requested a tariff increase to pay for, among other things, a large integrated terminal and related amenities to improve aircraft flow.

Currently, the two terminals are processing 55 lakh passengers, or 28% more than their designed capacity, compared to their combined 43 lakh passenger capacity per year.

“The first phase of the brand-new integrated Terminal 3 (T3), which may accommodate 80 lakh people annually, ought to be completed by the end of this October. Later phase-II, which will have an extra annual capacity of 50 lakh passengers, should be completed in another year, bringing T3’s total annual capacity to 1.3 crores, “the representative stated.

The self-baggage drop stations, new lounges, and e-gates will be T3’s standout attractions.

“Even though there is a significant difference between the projected and existing facilities, the proposed rise in user development fees is being compared to the current UDF rates at Lucknow International Airport. In accordance with other significant airports with comparable facilities, the projected UDF charges at Lucknow Airport are relatively low,” said a representative of the CCSIA.

To facilitate easy digital travel, there will be a “super app.” OLA, Uber, and taxi pick-up and drop-off zones will all have specific locations in T3.

With the potential of the location, sources claim LIAL has environmental authorization to increase capacity to around 4 crore passengers annually.

“One of the states with the fastest growth rates, Uttar Pradesh, is on track to have a $1 trillion GDP. Since Lucknow serves as the state’s capital and the hub for all business operations, our goal with the proposed infrastructural development at CCSIA is to create a viable and sustainable business ecosystem, expand the airport’s catchment area, build out the airport’s infrastructure in accordance with anticipated traffic, and ensure safe and effective airport operations. We also want to live up to our brand promise of providing our customers with a pleasant travel experience in Lucknow,” he said.

The majority of capital projects at CCSIA involve increasing airside and terminal capacity to accommodate the expected exponential expansion in passenger numbers.

By planting 1.5 lakh trees, LIAL will also increase the area’s level of vegetation. T3 will include indoor plants and more than 1 lakh ornamental planters.