Circumstances are often hard to predict beforehand but the best we can do is to be prepared for the outcome. Life has its portion of uncertainties and gives us enough space to learn and improve over time. Society will always need leaders to help steer the trajectory of success towards further excellence. We as the citizenry rely on the experience and valuable insights over time and can better quality of lives with efficient planning and observation. 

Today, at Business Outreach Magazine, we are going to share the success story and principle of a forward-thinker who created a company that is built on the foundation of trust from the clients and how better they are served. 

A Brief History- 

Abhishek Garg is the founder of InsureMart which is a supermarket for insurance deals for the customers. Abhishek has curated the company in such a way that all requirements are being met under a single roof. In order to build a solid team, InsureMart under the leadership of Abhishek Garg has filled in with skilled individuals who are present to give proper guidance to the customers in professional claiming any settlement. 

When we ask Abhishek about his values to the world, he likes to keep it simple by choosing the three A’s, namely, adaptable, assertive, and ambitious. Abhishek champions humbleness and gratitude and leads a life, where he can support his principles and be transparent about the lessons of life. 

When he looks into his success graph, Abhishek has a lot to be thankful to his mother and father. His father has been an immense source of inspiration for him and drove the family from several hurdles of time. As a child, Abhishek does not consider himself to be academically strong. 

Struggles and Success Stories- 

But he had the zeal to achieve great heights and turned to his mother for providing him with constant motivation and strength. For Abhishek, he has learned the ropes to overcome the ups and downs of life by looking at his father

Coming from a generous mindset, Abhishek still awaits the time when he can be termed a leader. His belief in persistence towards an objective is definitely a start. But to be able to understand the breadth of the shoulder of a leader itself places Abhishek at a remarkable spot towards the ideal protagonist of modern society. 

Some of the skills Abhishek gladly developed are strategic planning, exploring new ideas, undertaking challenges, and being consistent toward a goal. Much of the hardship of success is overcome by just hanging on to the faith of being successful one day. He invokes such understanding towards the team of InsureMart. 

Since 2020, Abhishek Garg has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. He is also certified by Harvard Business School (online) for CORe (Credential of Readiness) Program on fundamentals of Business. Abhishek Garg did his schooling in Delhi and completed civil engineering in 2022 from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University. 

After Abhishek finished his Civil Engineering, he joined the family business of construction and is currently working as a Director at Bharat Constructions (India) Private Limited. Abhishek is also holding directorship of five more companies including InsureMart. But his interest for education is motivating him to pursue higher education in Columbia University, New York for a Master’s in construction management. Abhishek Garg wants InsureMart to be globally recognized as an Insurance consultancy Company. 

Key Takeaways- 

The target customers of InsureMart are the corporate industry with services like insurance-related problems faced by the corporate, from procuring quotes from the insurer till the claim settlement. Several large infrastructure companies as well as many PSUs are using our services and more than 8 insurers are working with 

The parent company of InsureMart, Seguro Insurance Brokers Private Limited, was recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Government of India.

Abhishek is still in the ideation phase of terming himself as a leader and he is devoting his time and energy on building an inclusive team and making the organization more robust. There have been challenges faced by Abhishek like instilling trust among the stakeholders. But confidence and dedication towards a job will always turn out to be the brightest light of the day

InsureMart under the leadership of Abhishek Garg lives by the quality of product they offer. In addition to inspiring budding entrepreneurs, Abhishek believes himself saying, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Nothing comes free, everything has a price to be paid, be it sweat, blood or time.”