B2B apparel procurement startup Zyod has closed $18 million in funding. Capital raise would enable the company to build a more robust technology stack while betting on international expansion. This fundraise was led by a marquee set of investors who showed confidence in Zyod’s business model and growth potential.

Zyod Raises For Tech Stack Expansion

PC: FashionNetwork.com

Zyod is planning to utilize the fresh funds for building technological infrastructure. The company has plans to further enhance procurement solutions by making the supply chain process easier for businesses in the apparel industry. This would be done by integrating latest technologies like AI and machine learning into its inventory management, demand forecasting, and order processing marketplace. With an enhanced tech stack, Zyod is working on ensuring that clients get a more efficient and reliable procurement platform that leads to cost reduction and fast turnaround times.

In the background of such technology enhancement, Zyod plans and prepares for dramatic international expansion. It has singled out target markets in Europe, North America, and Asia as bode strategic locations for its growth. This will be based on the opening of local offices, forming partnerships with regional suppliers, and getting attuned to the requirements of various markets. Zyod will try becoming the global B2B pioneer in the procurement of ready-to-wear with its technology platform and deep industry expertise.

The global apparel market is very huge and extremely competitive. Therefore, from time to time, businesses search for ways and means to cut costs and enhance their supply chains. In this respect, Zyod’s unique value proposition is a fully technology-powered and comprehensive solution for the complicated needs of the procurement of apparel. Through automation of different facets of the procurement process and allowing real-time visibility on key data, Zyod empowers businesses to make more empowered decisions and be ahead of trends in the markets.

The successful funding round underlines strong investor confidence in Zyod’s business model and growth prospects. What the investors most admired about this company was how it so innovatively found solutions to procurement problems in the apparel industry and how it had so vastly outlined its future expansion plans. This is further validated with the participation of many high-profile venture capital firms and industry leaders in the round to prove that Zyod definitely has the real potential to shake up the traditional procurement landscape.

Now, with the new capital in its pocket, Zyod is well-positioned and better placed to accelerate growth and innovation. Strategic plans are in the pipeline for further developing the technology platform and expanding its global footprint while innovating on service offerings. In doing so, Zyod will continue to serve its customers worldwide at levels previously unseen in the B2B apparel procurement space.

In a nutshell, Zyod’s funding round of $18 million has been well-timed in its growth journey. The company is altering the way businesses procure apparel with a will to apply technology and global expansion, making it efficient, cost-effective, and easily scalable. With Zyod continuing to execute the vision, it shall turn out as one of the major leading players in the global apparel market and drive major improvements.