With this ESG endeavor, Zomato will be able to lower the carbon impact of its extensive delivery network across India.

Charge up, the firm that is developing one of India’s first FineTech platforms (Finance-Network-Technology Platform) in the EV sector, has now teamed with Zomato to bring about a sustainable shift in the country’s last-mile delivery sector.

The collaboration will provide Zomato delivery partners with simple financing and leasing alternatives for making the transition to electric transportation. With this ESG endeavor, Zomato will be able to lower the carbon impact of its extensive delivery network across India.

Given that last-mile food delivery people cross many kilometers each day, the emissions from their scooters and bikes greatly increase the mobility footprint in metropolitan areas. This is where Chargeup’s collaboration with Zomato will make a difference.

Switching to EVs, combined with access to a vast network of battery swapping stations, will provide drivers with 100% uptime, resulting in an increase in income – in addition to lowering emissions. The benefits of the new relationship will continue to reach more Zomato delivery partners in the future, as Chargeup expands its Battery Swapping Station network to Tier-I and Tier-II cities.

“As a climate-tech firm dedicated to developing a sustainable mobility ecosystem in India, Chargeup is offering appealing and straightforward financing and leasing help to Zomato delivery partners who are ready to switch to EVs,” said Mr. Varun Goenka, CEO, and Co-Founder, of Charge up. Their carbon footprint will be reduced, but delivery partners will also be able to lock in costs and enhance their monthly earnings. Our goal is to make their life easier and to increase productivity. Chargeup has already made substantial efforts to improve the lives of thousands of e-rickshaw drivers in Delhi-NCR by more than tripling their earnings. As a step forward, our EVs will allow Zomato delivery partners to make additional deliveries without fear of rising fuel prices or a power outage.

Furthermore, Mohit Sardana, Chief Operating Officer, Food Delivery at Zomato, stated, “Our delivery partners will have access to a vast network of battery-swapping stations as a result of our cooperation with Chargeup, assuring 100% uptime and lowering operational expenses for our delivery partners. This not only helps us achieve our sustainability goals, but it also helps us continue to enhance the lives of our delivery partners.”