Offers 10 lakh lottery and a month salary as a bonus to workers who stay fit: Zerodha

Accentuating the importance of staying healthy and fit both mentally and physically, Zerodha has recently launched a foregrounding initiative in its company offering 1 lucky draw for Rs. 10 lakhs and 1-month salary as a bonus to its workers. Amidst the pandemic and practice of the work-from-home lifestyle, workers were agonized in their physical as well as mental being. To revive the health state of the workers, this creative yet impactful step was undertaken.

Zerodha Offers 10 lakh lottery and a month salary as a bonus to workers who stay fit
Zerodha Offers 10 lakh lottery and a month salary as a bonus to workers who stay fit

“ The transformation stories are super inspiring & pushing others to take action as well. We also have proof that getting healthy improves professional performance as well. Our Get Healthy program will now run permanently. Sharing to seed the idea among fellow entrepreneurs. “, tweeted Nithin Kamath, Zerodha’s CEO and founder, framing the incentives given to stimulate the workers to work on their mental as well as physical health. It will faultlessly make the workers more efficient thereby improving the quality of the company’s human capital.

What is Get Healthy program by Zerodha?

Realizing one of the bottlenecks emerging out of the covid-19 situation, the company didn’t stagger to start working on it and introduced this program ‘ Get Healthy ‘ with quite a stir in the market as well. Updating with the details, the CEO of the company tweeted, “ On our internal forum ( @discourse ), we asked everyone to set a 12- month get-healthy goal & update the progress every month, to create accountability. To increase participation, we said everyone who reaches the goal will get a 1-month salary as bonus & 1 lucky draw for Rs. 10lks “.

What is Zerodha and how it works?

Zerodha is a private Indian company handing out financial services including Mutual Funds, Bonds, currency trading, retail brokerage, etc. It is familiarized as one of the largest stock brokerage firms in India, headquartered in Banglore. It works for stock trading purposes. The company has more than 6 million active clients and a valuation to be claimed more than $ 1 billion. It is a ‘ unicorn ‘ in the stock market. To rope in traders and potential investors, the company also participates in a number of online educational communities and other such initiatives.

Conveying the responsive results of the health program, Kamath tweeted, “ Post the first lockdown, like everywhere, our team @zerodhaonline as a whole was probably the unhealthiest ever, due to the lack of physical activity, work-life imbalance, bad diet, & more. We thought of a way to nudge the team to get healthy and the results are phenomenal. “

One of the most recent tweets of Kamath reveals the approval from the SEBI ( Securities and Exchange Board of India ) to set up AMC ( Asset Management Company ). “ So, we just got our in-principle approval for our AMC ( MF ) license, I guess now comes the hard part. “, were his exact words on 1st September 2021.