Users will be able to read what has been addressed in a voice message without the need of actually listening to it.

WhatsApp, an instant messaging app under Facebook’s ownership, is in talks to be working on a feature that will serve transcriptions of the received voice messages. With the help of these transcriptions, users will be able to read what has been addressed in a voice message without the need of actually listening to it.

Users will be able to read what has been addressed in a voice message without the need of actually listening to it.

As reported by The Verge, the anticipated feature is spotted by WABetaInfo and is under development and will be first brought to iPhone users. However, it is not yet divulged as to when the feature is going to be launched for iOS or Android.

For the process of transcription, the recorded message will be sent to Apple, who will provide the service, rather than Whatsapp or its parent company Facebook. It is also brought into notice that providing this service will move Apple to enhance its speech recognition system. Voice messages are secured by Whatsapp in its end-to-end encryption.

Voice messages are very practical and convenient for WhatsApp users when they require to address a longer message but have got no time to type it out. However, from the recipient’s perspective, it sometimes causes inconvenience when the receiver is in a position where he cannot listen to the message. To aid this problem, WhatsApp’s upcoming feature of transcription of recorded messages will allow people to read the voice messages and jump to the relevant part without having to pay attention to the whole speech.

As per the source, once the message is under transcription, its data will be stored in WhatsApp’s database and can be available for the reference anytime the user wants. Since the message is processed by Apple, it will be available to iOS users first. However, there is no such disclosure if the feature will be accessible in WhatsApp Android.

Released back in January, 2009, WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging app acquired by Facebook in 2014. Providing a user-friendly interface, the platform allows users to connect via the internet. Its services include text and voice messaging. Furthermore, users can make voice or video calls, share media including images, videos, documents, live location, etc. WhatsApp application can be availed through both mobile and desktop depending on consumer’s preference. The platform has more than 2 billion users from around the world.

What’s new in the WhatsApp update?

WhatsApp has come a long way and has been evolving its platform since then. It keeps its interface simple and up to the minute for enhancing the users’ experience. Eventually, the application has added new features; most recent of them includes a Payment Background feature and the service allowing iOS users to transfer their chat history to an android device. It also added a feature where users can listen to voice notes at different playback speeds. Apart from all these features which are already accessible to its users, WhatsApp is anticipated to be working on an advanced feature of transcription of voice messages so that users can read the recorded voice. It is time-saving and will help its users to skip to the relevant part without the need of listening to the whole audio.

Is Whatsapp a safe app?

Whatsapp is shielded with end-to-end encryption which signifies that the messages are safe and cannot be shared or disclosed to a third-party from the app. In the recent time, on its new feature, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that the messaging service will be secured with the end-to-end encryption and the messages will be backed up on Google Drive or iCloud.