WhatsApp is also rumored to be working on an Android app with a blur image feature.

WhatsApp’s Android and desktop apps are apparently getting additional functionality. The instant chat software for Android is reportedly adding new drawing tools and will receive additional pencil capabilities in a future version. Separately, new conversation bubble colors have been added to WhatsApp for Desktop. The desktop app will be given a new dark blue color that will only be seen when the dark theme mode is enabled. WhatsApp is also experimenting with a new emoji message reactions information tab and new notification settings for message reactions.

WhatsApp is adding new sketching capabilities to its Android app, according to a tip by WhatsApp features tracker WABetaInfo. In a future version, Meta‘s instant messaging software is expected to offer additional pencils for drawing pictures and videos. WhatsApp currently only has one pencil with which to sketch, but it will soon receive two new pencils, one thinner and one thicker than the current one.

Furthermore, according to the source, WhatsApp is working on a blur image tool, which may see the light of day in the future. The new functionalities were discovered in WhatsApp beta for Android, however, they are by default deactivated. According to the source, because the aforementioned features are still in development, it may take some time for WhatsApp beta testers to get their hands on them.

The instant messaging service is bringing fresh color to its Windows and macOS apps with the WhatsApp beta for Desktop 2.2201.2.0 upgrade, according to another report from WABetaInfo. According to reports, the new color scheme will be apparent in the dark theme, and the chat bubbles will be greener than before. Other elements of the app have also received color changes as part of the update. According to reports, the chat bar and backdrop color have been changed to a blue hue.

According to a story from last week, WhatsApp for iOS users will get new notification settings that allow them to choose which notifications they wish to receive – either for individual or group chats – as well as the opportunity to customize notification noises. According to reports, the instant messaging software will include a message reactions information tab that displays who liked the message and which emoji was used.