In a recent interview, Deepinder Goyal, co-founder and CEO of foodtech giant Zomato, stated that the firm does not recruit job seekers.

Deepinder Goyal, co-founder and CEO of foodtech giant Zomato, has disclosed the company’s recruitment approach. In a recent encounter, he stated that the organization does not hire job seekers.

“The workforce we hire is very diverse.” We prefer not to hire those who are searching for work. “The kind of people we need don’t look for work,” Goyal explained on The Ranveer Show with YouTuber Ranveer Allahbadia.

The Zomato CEO went on to say that the firm seeks for good individuals, approaches them, and then works with them, especially for mid to senior level hires.

Zomato’s technological platform, which was launched in 2010, connects consumers, restaurant partners, and delivery partners to meet their various demands. Customers use the site to search for and find restaurants, read and write customer reviews, see and upload images, order meal delivery, book a table, and make payments while dining out.

Restaurant partners, on the other hand, are supplied with industry-specific marketing tools that allow them to interact and attract consumers in order to develop their business while simultaneously offering a dependable and efficient last mile delivery service.

Goyal stated that the GenZ workforce is far wiser than previous generations. “GenZ’s are far smarter than we were at that age, and their potential is enormous, but they have less patience than we did.” And patience is a characteristic that is needed in work,” he added.

When asked how the firm employs at each level, Goyal stated, “it’s better to grow from within.”  

Zomato has been around for 15 years. We have a sufficient number of 5-6 year olds in the system. The context is altered in this situation. We had no option but to employ from outside when we were a two-year-old firm, but now if I had to bring someone from outside, I have to be absolutely confident that he’s very good or that he has a unique expertise,” Goyal explained.

He elaborated on the difficulties of recruiting from outside, saying, “If I hire from outside, it will take six months to bring someone in.” You will first interview for three months. He will thereafter be required to serve a three-month notice period in his prior organization. He’ll start in six months, with three months of induction. After a year, you will know how he performed. You’ve lost two years this way.”

“It’s easier for me to choose someone from within, grow him/her for three months, and then place him/her in that role.” He/she understands the industry, and that works.”

Zomato Limited just achieved profitability for the first time in its history in the first quarter of FY24. The company declared a combined profit after tax of Rs 2 billion.