The Walmar Vriddhi Supplier Development programme launched by Swasti aims to grant opportunities to MSMEs, inviting them to tie up with export channels both via offline and online mode.

Comprehending the importance of MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise) space, Walmart and Flipkart signed a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Tamil Government on September 22, 2021.

Walmart & Flipkart sign MoU with Tamil Nadu Government to help MSMEs
Walmart & Flipkart sign MoU with Tamil Nadu Government to help MSMEs

The document was signed with the view of setting up a long-term bond to provide capacity developing services. 

Knowledge partner Swati brought forward a programme- the Walmart Vriddhi Supplier Development programme which aims to grant various opportunities to MSMEs, inviting them to come forward and tie-up with the export channels and both online and offline mode. It also offers pan- India taking part in supply chains of various companies including Walmart and Flipkart. 

In a news release, it is reported that the launched programme in favor of the MSMEs will also be organizing and formulating workshops which will empower the growth and further the development of the SMEs and other small businesses in the state. 

Nidhi Munjal, the Vice-president at Walmart shared her views on the objective behind joining hands with the government of Tamil Nadu. She said that with the help of the Walmart Vriddhi programme, the company aims to foster the efforts of the Tamil Nadu government in fueling the growth of the MSME sector. It also looks forward to building a strong and powered MSME space.  She quoted, “…we are committed to tripling our efforts from India to USD 10 billion annually by 2027, and will keep extending our support to small businesses.”

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu (TN), M K Stalin stated that TN homes in a large scale of MSMEs in the Indian MSME ecosystem which are well-known not only across the country but around the globe for their enhanced quality of products and services and incredible craftsmanship. Highlighting the significance of MSMEs in the country’s economy, he further said that these small and medium-sized businesses are the backbone of Indian economic growth and the development of the MSME sector is crucial for TN as it will actively contribute in accomplishing the ultimate vision of constructing an economy of Tamil Nadu at a valuation of $1 trillion by the end of 2030. We welcome the MoU with Walmart, Flipkart and Swasti, that shall further strengthen our MSME ecosystem,” said Stalin.

Stating the active role of Flipkart in investing and contributing to TN state over time, its Senior Director and Marketplace Head, Jagjeet Harode said how the company has remarkably built a supply chain and undertaken various investments in the state. In addition, the e-commerce platform also launched a purposeful and committed grocery serving centre in the city Coimbatore which is expected to automate several employment opportunities for a number of individuals, espically the youth of the state. 

Harode also mentioned the programmes Flipkart Samarth and Walmart Vriddhi and how it inspiringly aims to provide a compatible environment for TN’s small businesses, craftsmen and artisans which will cushion their efforts and channelize it effectively to help them grow. 

What is Flipkart Samarth?

Flipkart Samarth is a scheme initiated by the e-commerce company, Flipkart, in the regard of empowering the undeserved and less-privileged segment of the society.  The programme aims at making these MSMEs financially independent by serving them opportunities and providing them with compatible room for their development and growth. The scheme pivots its objectives to grow the MSMEs’ network and transform the lives of potential businesses with their skill set and right guidance. 

Under this initiative, the company allows these businesses to list their products and services which the platform further fuels to scale up their reach across the country. The underprivileged sections allowed to avail the opportunities include rural women, NGOs, craftsman, artisans, specially-abled ones, and other social as well as government bodies.