The success of a company depends on trust, compassion and appreciation among the team. When there is clarity and effective support from peers, no amount of work can overwhelm the ecosystem of an organization. But this is better said than done, unless teams have a remarkable mentor to guide them through the several roadblocks of life. We often get to talk with several leaders, where they portray one thing in common and that is a desire to positively impact the society. Today, we want our readers to lend their two cents on the insightful journey of Sumit Ghosh.

When we visualize a leader idolizing the teachings of Swami Vivekananda, there can never go wrong based on the magnitude of a leader’s personality. And this is exactly what Sumit Ghosh is, a visionary leader walking on the steps of the purity of Karma. Look closely, and you can sense your calling long before you actually deep-dive into your craftsmanship. Sumit Ghosh since his school days admired leadership roles. It can be NCC, any sports activities, or being a class monitor. But what is more interesting for us was Sumit’s thirst to train and mentor underdogs with immense potential and transform them into dominant leaders of their industry. 

This helped Sumit Ghosh garner belief and trust from the industry, where he finds joy in seeing his mentees succeed remarkably. Education and knowledge have always been Sumit’s forte. He studied Bachelor of Honors in Economics from Calcutta University. Apart from being a National Scholar, Sumit Ghosh completed PGDMM from Annamalai University. He also completed P.G. in Banking and Finance from the reputed IIM, Bangalore. During the course of Sumit’s 33 years of professional experience, he completed several courses like Professional Pattern of Management from Kinder Brother, Dallas in the US, the Green Digital Skills from INCO Academy which was sponsored by LinkedIn and Microsoft and several other certificates. 

Sumit, being the phenomenal leader he is, has been working as a Director and Chief Mentor with a Not-For-Profit named Sankalp Micro Association for the last 2 years. Sumit shares that he has never been so proactive sculpting the vision for Sankalp as he is trying to associate all 17 activities recognized by the member countries of UNO as SDG-17 by about 2030. He is navigating his leadership expertise into a Sustainability visionary and pursuing a course on ESG. For 12 years, Sumit worked in the FMCG sector with brands like P&G and Phillips. For over two decades, Sumit has consumed valuable know-how from the BFSI industry in companies like Max Life, HDFC Ltd. and several others. 

Devotion towards work has earned Sumit Ghosh with National Awards from Glenmark Foundation, Tata Trust along with optimistic submissions to G20 Policy for recommendations. What’s more thought provoking are the challenges that Sumit Ghosh surpassed over the years. He is really looking forward to the Sustainability industry as he feels that it is the answer to future business processes. A notable point that amazed us was Sumit harnessing his inspiration from the quote, “Arise, Awake and don’t stop till you reach your goal.”