Mercedes-Benz made a significant advancement in the application of artificial intelligence in automobiles on Monday when it unveiled a new virtual assistant at the CES electronics trade show. The assistant can converse with users and offer context-based recommendations.

According to the firm, the assistant can ask insightful questions to elucidate the precise subject being asked and talk in a variety of emotional tones.

“Your conversation buddy is the car. At a press roundtable in Las Vegas, Markus Schaefer, the chief technology officer of Mercedes, stated, “You can ask questions, have a conversation, and be productive.”

The new concept CLA class, an all-electric version of the automaker’s smaller four-door model that makes its North American debut at the trade show, is among the vehicles that will have the assistant.

With the hardware of electric vehicles being less complicated and variable than that of automobiles with combustion engines, automakers are trying to differentiate themselves with their software solutions.

The sophistication of voice assistant technology in automobiles is rising, utilising generative AI and personalised avatars.

On Monday, Volkswagen unveiled its first cars with a voice assistant that incorporates ChatGPT technology, allowing drivers to hear information from research read aloud to them while they drive.

By the middle of the year, according to Volkswagen, its assistant would be able to converse with consumers, remembering their prior inquiries and providing relevant answers.

A plausibility check for the responses the new voice assistant gives is an added function, according to Mercedes-Benz. It will verify suggestions using cloud data and customer self-reporting when a suggested business, such a restaurant or shop, closes.

“We feel that we have an obligation if we put something in the car that you can trust the information,” Schaefer stated.

Additionally, Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury automobile manufacturer, has been a part of the Indian auto industry for thirty years. Notably, the company sold 17,408 units in India during the Jan–Dec period, which was a 10% increase over the previous record of 15,822 units sold in 2022. This was the manufacturer’s highest-ever sales in the country.

It’s interesting to note that 55% of total sales came from the SUV sector. The business stated that the popularity of the already-available GLA and GLS goods as well as the recently released models like GLC and GLE have driven this demand.