The society we live in is subject to enormous amounts of judgements and patriarchal preaches. Oftentimes, an individual finds it suffocating to deal with such toxic surroundings and resort to addictions. Who is to blame for such a psychological pandemonium? Is it the people who fail to understand the unintentional recluse of the sufferer or the uncertain circumstances that prisons the people fighting within themselves? Business Outreach Magazine brings to our readers a company, which has made it their life’s motive to bring out the better version from a person having mental health issues and drag them out towards the bright light of a carefree sunshine. Velectron Private Limited is a health tech company from Bangalore, that understands mental health to be a medical condition that needs to be treated and not to be considered as a stigma. The company’s research in the spectrum of anti-addiction with innovative solutions and with the power of technology, has gathered them to sculpt the pathway towards their ultimate objective of delivering welfare to the society. Considering the cause for uplifting and changing lives for the better, Velectron Labs hopes to scale its product, Addictofree.

Velectron Labs wants to make health tech products easily accessible to the socioeconomically section of the society, where lives are disrupted by alcoholism and addictions. A person drawn towards alcohol needs to be treated medically with utmost care and attention and being stereotypical and biased in the process will only decelerate the situation further. Problems like alcoholism and substance addictions are not a social issue but a medical one, where dependencies affect the psychological and physical aspects of a person. Every year, millions of families get destroyed in such issues and the society is still not progressive yet. Addictofree is a unique product and the world’s only one of its kind mental health app for support along with non-invasive hardware providing data and analytics to people for accessing their levels of physiological strain the body is going through during rehabilitation.

The AI of Addictofree™ provides exact physiological conditions during rehab based on device inputs which helps caregivers make better judgements and therapy-based decisions. The wearers of the smartband and app support of Addictofree can save millions of lives with its holistic strategy and enhance the span of sobriety. With Addictofree and the patent filed by Velectron Labs on their NIR-based spectral sweat analysis technology, users can save the cost of rehabilitation and increase recovery time. Velectron also provides a recovery room app which is a telemedicine online space. Here patients needing support are patched with medical groups for better recovery. With proper permission from the patients, they are put for research with doctors who get notifications about any updates on the process.

Abhijit Nair, the CEO of Velectron Labs Private Limited along with a good friend and an expert in this field, Ragavanda Swamy created a company. After getting incorporated on 25th October, 2018, the company has faced their fair share of struggles. Abhijit started the company in the form of a project back in college, since he had been researching Neuropathy and Epileptic Seizures. Being educated with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a Diploma in Applied Psychology, Abhijit developed Addictofree, which was used in the earlier days to treat one of his own family members, who was fighting alcoholism. A quote from Richard Branson saying “The brave may not live forever- But the cautious do not live at all”, inspires Abhijit greatly. Velectron Labs has been the recipient of the prestigious Grant Elevate 2020 Award from the Karnataka Government and has also been featured in PHIC Innovation Pavilion, along with loads of others achievements. Social Alpha and Bangalore Big Innovation Center have also hugely supported Velectron Labs. With an inexpensive package price of Rs. 12,000, Velectron Labs aims to scale their idea and solve problems like epilepsy and addictions from smoking and opioids. This is the story of Velectron Labs, where the CEO Abhijit Nair lives by a quote, “The one who rejects choosing the lesser of two bad choices and creates a new better third option for everyone is an entrepreneur in the purest sense”.