Twitter, the popular social media platform, has recently made changes to its verification system by introducing affiliate badges and phasing out the legacy blue check marks. The primary purpose of the new badges is to identify the parent account of the user and point out their affiliation. The feature has already started rolling out and can be seen on some verified accounts, including former US President Barack Obama’s account.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has praised the new system, saying that it will help reduce impersonation risk. The move to introduce affiliate badges is part of Twitter’s efforts to improve its verification process and combat the spread of fake news and misinformation on its platform.

Twitter’s Deadline for Verification

On April 1, 2023, Twitter set a deadline for companies and individuals to pay for verification check marks for their accounts. Those who failed to do so will have their blue check marks removed. However, days after the deadline, some users are still seeing their blue check marks. Twitter is expected to remove them soon.

Twitter’s Subscription Plans

Twitter has also introduced new subscription plans for users who want to access additional features and services. The Twitter Blue subscription costs $8 per month for individual users, while in India, it costs ₹900 for mobile and ₹650 for the web. The subscription offers users access to additional features such as the ability to undo tweets and bookmark folders.

For organizations, Twitter has launched the ‘Verified for Organisations’ subscription plan, which starts at $1000 per month. This subscription plan provides access to features such as advanced analytics and promoted tweets. Each additional affiliate subaccount costs an additional $50 per month (plus tax).

Twitter’s New Verification Badges

Apart from the new affiliate badges, Twitter has also introduced a gold checkmark for companies and brands. Government accounts, on the other hand, have been shifted to a grey check-mark. To keep the gold or grey check-mark badge, users will need to subscribe to Twitter’s new ‘Twitter Verified Organizations’ program. This program is only available in the US and costs $1,000 per month (plus tax).

Twitter Verified Accounts

Twitter’s ‘Twitter Verified’ account, which is followed by 4.2 million accounts, has recently unfollowed approximately 420,000 legacy verified accounts. The move comes as Twitter removes checkmarks for those who still had them but were not subscribed to Twitter Blue.

Implications of Twitter’s Changes

Twitter’s introduction of affiliate badges and subscription plans has several implications for users and organizations. The new verification system is intended to reduce impersonation risk and help combat the spread of fake news and misinformation. The subscription plans offer users access to additional features and services that can help them enhance their Twitter experience.

However, the new subscription plans may also create a barrier for some users, especially individuals and small businesses who may not be able to afford the monthly fees. The move to remove the legacy blue check marks may also create confusion among users who are used to seeing the blue check mark as a symbol of verified status.


Twitter’s introduction of affiliate badges and subscription plans is part of the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve its verification process and provide users with more features and services. While the new system has several benefits, it may also create challenges for some users and organizations. As the platform continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how users respond to these changes and how they affect the Twitter ecosystem.