Twitter will charge companies $1000/month for the gold checkmarks while an extra $50 will have to pay for each affiliate account.

Twitter is a social networking platform that enables users to communicate brief messages called “tweets” with their followers. Founded in 2006, it has become a popular platform for news, entertainment, and communication. 

The Twitter social media platform is recognized for its fast-paced atmosphere and real-time updates, making it a fantastic tool for breaking news and live events. Users may also follow and engage with public individuals, corporations, and organizations. With a character restriction of 280.

Twitter fosters brief and innovative communication. It has become a significant tool for corporations, governments, and people to interact with their audience and communicate their message.

In an attempt to shore up earnings, Elon Musk-backed Twitter would charge corporations a stunning $1,000 per month for their golden verified check mark, along with an extra $50 per month for each associated account. 

The verification program was unveiled on Friday, when Twitter also stated it would begin “winding down” its historical verification scheme starting April 1.

Twitter CEO Elon Musk affirmed on Friday that an individual account that is associated with a verified company would continue enjoying the advantages of the verification mark.

Twitter has introduced its new Verified Organizations program where companies may join a queue to earn the gold verification checkmark.

Twitter Business introduced its verification for organizations initiative back in January. Revealing the information on the microblogging network, Twitter Business tweeted, “We will shortly introduce Verification for Companies, previously known as Blue for Business.”

As a subscriber, you and your firm will obtain business accounts and affiliation badges via our self-serve administrative interface.” the company stated in another tweet.

Last month, social media analyst Matt Navara tweeted that Twitter was contemplating introducing a verified organization program, with costs beginning at $1000/month. Unfortunately, Twitter has not officially acknowledged this news at the time. Now, according to a report by Business Insider, Twitter has confirmed the increased cost for its verified organization program.

Importantly, entrepreneur Elon Musk bought ownership of Twitter in a transaction that valued the social media giant at $44 billion. One of Musk’s early initiatives was to introduce a paid verification scheme, which provided all users access to the coveted blue checkmark that was previously reserved for certain “notable” persons.

Nevertheless, owing to multiple incidences of impersonation, Twitter was obliged to temporarily shut down the paid verification program until it was reintroduced in December of last year. Together with the verified checkmark, Twitter Blue customers are allowed to compose lengthier tweets, modify their tweets, submit videos in 1080p quality, see tweets in reader mode, and enjoy additional privileges.

Supposedly, Twitter is reportedly developing a feature that would enable Twitter blue users to conceal their verified checkmarks. Unfortunately, it isn’t yet known whether this update will be arriving at the stable version of the Twitter app.