Are you looking for a masters in computer science but don’t know which university to go with? In the USA there are thousands of university of computer science programs, with different fee structures and facilities. Each one having their own speciality, strength offers the best for the students. 

Stuck in the university selection? WHich university will be best for you? Which university is your budget and requirement friendly?

Through this article we will let you know some of the best and top Universities in the USA for MS in computer science.

1. Stanford University

Stanford University

Stanford University is a well known and reputed university of the USA located in California. It was founded in 1885 which is 30 miles away from south of San Francisco. The university has seven schools out of which three schools offer undergraduate and graduate degrees. The student can enrol degrees for humanities, science, engineering. Most of the students in the university are international. The university has more than 17000 students with around 2300 staff members.

It has been ranked at third in the best global universities. It provides the high standard education with other skill development programs for the students to advance them not only in academics but also in other areas. Its academic calendar is based on the quarterly system. In 2022, Stanford has a total endowment of around $36.3 billion and a budget for 22-23 around $8.2 billion. It covers an area of 8,180 acres and is one of the largest universities of the USA. The university has been named as the second university to produce the highest number of millionaires/ billionaires. Till date a community of scholars include 22 Nobel Prizes Laureates.   

2. Massachusetts Institute of technology

Massachusetts Institute of technology

Established in 1861, aka MIT is a top and reputed university offering the best education and learning to the student. For almost 160+ years the university has been making an effort to make their student the leader and expert of their field. MIS has adopted a European polytechnic university model. As of 22-23 MIT has 11850+ students and 1070 academic staff. It was founded by William Barton Rogers. With the advancement of technology, MIT has brought the latest tech education for their students to make them well acquainted with the future of learning and technology.

The campus of the university covers an area of 166 acres. The university is a non profit organisation and is owned by privately appointed trustees known as MIT corporation. MIT offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in the field of humanities, science, engineering, mathematics, and technology.  It has a spot in the top 5 best universities on an overall ranking basis.

The major rival of the university is California Institute of technology which has almost the same ranking and recognition as MIT. It has an academic calendar of 4-1-4 system with a four week independent activity period. University has a large number of labs and centres to get practical exposure in the field and academic knowledge. MIT spent a huge amount on the research program of around $675 million in recent years. MIT ranks second as the best global universities and first university in the Physics subject.

3. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University

Another top university in the USA for computer science, established in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie in Pittsburgh. The university has seven colleges offering degrees in computer science, robotics, machine learning, management, engineering, biology, and information systems.

It has around 5810+ students enrolled for the studies and staff of 1400 members. In 2022, Carnegie has an endowment of $3 billion. In 1912, the name of the institute was changed to Carnegie Institute of Technology (CIT). The campus of the university covers an area of 157.2 acres. CIT has been placed at 22nd place in the ranking of 2022-23  by U.S News & World report.

Wall Street Journal has named Carnegie Mellon University, 1st university in computer science, 4th in finance, 10th overall as per the job recruiters. University has one of the best faculties of research in the USA. Carnegie university has many divisions for each program and also has a branch in the Middle East, Qatar.

Mellon Institute of Industrial Research was established in 1913 to perform work in the field of research for government and other industry on project contract basis. LAter, in 1967 the university CIT and research institute Mellon Institute of Industrial Research was merged and named Carnegie Mellon University. Apart from the main campus, University also has campuses in Los Angeles, New York CIty, Washington, Singapore.

4. University of California Berkeley

University of California Berkeley

Based in Berkeley, California, University is a public land grant research university serving since 1868. It has a research institute dedicated to engineering, mathematics, and science. In 2022, the university has a total of 45307 students with around 23500+ staff members.It has endowment of $6.9 billion as of 2022. For 155 years the university has offered the best education spot for the students to pursue their profession and get the experience of one of the best research institutes. The university comprises 15 colleges and schools with around 180 departments.

It provides degree programs in chemistry, engineering, science, biology, economics. University offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for the students with an entrance process of the colleges. The university has around 13 libraries with millions of books, novels, and other covers. The library covers an area of 12 acres which makes it the fourth largest college library in the USA. In 2022, Forbes named University of California Berkeley as the top college and public school in America. It has been ranked 4th in the global academic ranking of universities in 2022.

It has been providing a quality education to the students in their respective field with well qualified and experienced faculties.

5. University of Washington Seattle

University of Washington Seattle

The University was established in 1861 and is one of the oldest campuses in the USA in terms of enrollment. The university has three different campuses in Bothell, Tacoma which were added in 1990 and in Seattle which is the main campus of the University. It has around 16 colleges and schools offering quality education in the fields of science, engineering and social work. It has around 47700 students enrolled and a staff of 4427 members.

It covers an area of 703 acres with one of the largest libraries in the world. In 2022, total endowment was around $6.62 billion, furthermore, the university has spent $.41 in research and development in 2018. University offers degree programs in different fields through its 140 departments with colleges and schools. In the ranking terms it has been ranked as one of the top universities in the USa with 14th rank in Academic Ranking of World Universities in 2019.

SInce, the foundation much significant development has been brought into the university, in terms of campus, architecture, education and continuing the development and expansion to offer the best experience and education to the students.


These are the top 5 Universities in the USA for Computer Science. USA being an education hub has thousands of universities offering the programs in computer science at undergraduate and graduation level. Each offering the values and education to the students in the respective field. These universities have created the best value and reputation among the students, recruiters and have been ranked as one of the top universities in the world. They have a long history of their foundation and have been serving for more than 100 years. Providing qualitative education along with the research and other practical exposure to the students, university is creating a better future for the upcoming generation.