Steel is one of the materials that have widely defined industrialization and economic progress in various parts of the world. The Steel industry is one that is fundamentally very important in India as it serves as one of the major building blocks towards the economic evolution of the country. Making it the second largest producer of the Crude steel in the world only after China, make India’s steel sector a testimony of its industrialization and technological development. 

Top Steel Companies In India

Here Below The List Of Top 20 Steel Companies In India

No.Company NameHeadquartersFounded
1Tata Steel LimitedMumbai1907
2JSW Steel LimitedMumbai1982
3SAILNew Delhi1973
4Jindal StainlessNew Delhi1970
5Jindal Steel & Power LimitedNew Delhi1979
6Essar Steel India LimitedMumbai1998
7Rashtriya Ispat Nigam LimitedVisakhapatnam1982
8National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)Hyderabad1958
9VISA SteelBhubaneswar2003
10Electrotherm India LimitedAhmedabad1983
11APL Apollo TubesDelhi1986
12Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.Ahmedabad1983
13Prime Gold International LimitedDelhi1997
14Bhushan Power and SteelDelhi1970
15ESL Steel LimitedJharkhand2006
16Hindalco IndustriesMumbai1958
17Vedanta LimitedMumbai1965
18TATA Steel BSLKolkata1983
19The M S Agarwal Foundries (P) Ltd.Telangana2003
20Mideast Integrated Steel Ltd.New Delhi1992

 1. Tata Steel Limited 

Tata Steel Limited 

Standing largest in India’s steel Industry is the Tata Steel Limited Company, with great history and International operation. The company was started in 1907 by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata and is Asia’s first integrated steel company and today is one of the most global natural resources companies. 

It is a global company and the largest integrated steel making company in India with more than 65000 employees operating on five different continents having its headquarters in Mumbai. The firm’s annual crude steel production capacity stands at over thirty million tonnes per annum thus being the second largest steel producer in Europe. Thus, the consolidated crude steel production capacity of Tata Steel in India is 20. 6 MnTPA. 

According to the stated objectives and vision, it can be said that Tata Steel’s key strengths are innovation, technology, sustainability, and people. The company’s vision is to be the best and least appreciated steel firm across the globe while achieving excellence in value addition as well as corporate responsibility. 

Located in India, Thailand, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, Tata steel is involved in several industries. Its product range comprises precious-generating steel to construction, automobile, packaging sectors among others. 

In the recent past, Tata Steel has through organic as well as inorganic route reinforced their market leadership in Indian steel industry through taking over of Bhushan Steel Limited and Usha Martin Ltd. 

2. JSW Steel Limited 

JSW Steel Limited 

 JSW Steel Limited is a leading Indian steel manufacturer begun by Sajjan Jindal in 1982. JSW Steel is the steel division of the JSW Group which is headed by the Sarda family of India and has diversified business interests in energy, infrastructure, cement, and sports mega facilities. 

Out of all the facilities that JSW Steel owns, the Vijayanagar plant in Karnataka has the largest production capacity of 12 MnTPA. This makes it one of the largest producers of steel based units in India according to Land. The realization of this success could be attributed to the company’s strategic alliance with one of Japan’s largest steel manufacturers, the JFE Steel company. It has helped JSW Steel to produce high value-added steel products by using modern technology with the help of this partnership. 

 It supplies a variety of industries such as construction and infrastructure, automobile, and home appliances. This element of JSW Steel has directed the steel firm towards being an innovator in the manufacture of various specialized steel. 

3. SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) 

SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) 

 SAIL is a central public sector undertaking and therefore has its strategic relevance in the Indian steel industry. SAIL was incorporated in the year 1973, it has played an important role to meet the steel requirement of the country as well as the infrastructure growth of India. 

 Currently, SAIL has a production turnover of 20 MnTPA and possesses few steel plants situated in the eastern and central part of India. The firm produces a variety of steel products and targets several industries of the Indian economy. 

 However due to intense competitiveness in the global market SAIL has also focused on upgrading and expansion programmes to sustain itself among the players in the private sectors. The company has accrued great strength in research and development hence the ability to manufacture and market high quality steel products in relation to international standards. 

4. Jindal Stainless

Jindal Stainless

It was established in 1970 by its chairman Mr. O. P. Jindal and today it is one of the largest stainless steel companies in India and in the top ten of the global stainless steel companies. 

 Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1970 

 – Headquarters: New Delhi 

 – Founder: As per the current structure, the Chairman of the board is Jindal Lakshme Prasad and the Company was founded by Om Prakash Jindal. 

 – Employees: 20,000 

 – Current Production Capacity: Preferences of the participants: The participants in the study preferred: 1. 90 MnTPA 

 India-based Jindal Stainless Group owns a very large production capacity of 1. Indicating the extent of its relevance in India’s steel industry profile is 9 MTPA. Due to the company’s extended operation and constant expansion, it has developed into one of the stainless steel market leaders on the global level. 

5. Jindal Steel & Power Limited

Jindal Steel & Power Limited

The JSPL is a part of the OP Jindal Group and engages in steel production as well as power production in the country. Established in 1979 by its chairman Om Prakash Jindal, JSPL has made its operational network across the world especially in India. 

 The records in steel production and sales targets have been set by JSPL. Specifically for the year 2022, the firm realized its best yearly sales performance of 7. 63 million tonnes. Anyways, JSPL’s intrinsic virginity and innovative mode of functioning signals a sure bet on becoming a mainstay in the Indian automobile industry in the years to come. 

6. Essar Steel India Limited 

Essar Steel India Limited 

 ESSAR STEEL INDIA LTD was established in the year 1998 as a part of the ESSAR group with its head office in India. Current rich diversified product portfolio of its graded steel with high value addition, Essar Steel meets the requirement of various sectors of Industries in India. 

 The manufactured products of the company are used by many industries like automotive industries, power plants and hydrocarbon industries. Quality consciousness along with high customer satisfaction has always acted as the strategic advantage for Essar Steel. 

7.  Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL)

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL) 

 Vizag Steel, formally called as Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited (RINL), is a Navratna public sector undertaking steel company which operates in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Set up in 1982, RINL administers one of the biggest incorporated steel makers of India, the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (VSP). 

 Hence, it has an annual production capacity which stands above 6. RINL produces all kinds of steel products for the domestic as well as overseas market. Such southeast Asia products are long products such as TMT bars and wire rods, flat products like hot rolled coils and galvanised steel sheets. 

 The social responsibility of RINL and the state-of-art environment friendly Organisation has been the benchmarks to other integrated steel plants in India. The company’s different brands of steel have received some appreciation in the market for their good qualities. 

8. National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)

National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC)

As the largest iron ore mining company in India, NMDC has also started to become a producer of steel too. Set up in the year 1958, NMDC is a government of India undertaking which has been instrumental in the growth of India’s mineral industry. 

 Analysing NMDC the vertical integration is clear as the company diversifies into steel production. Another substream in the existing stream of activities in the steel value chain is Sponge Iron India Limited – a company’s subsidiary. 

9. VISA Steel 

VISA Steel 

 VISA Steel is a relatively young company that began its operation in 2003 yet it has become one of the leading companies in the steel and ferrochrome industry of India. After a steel production capacity crossing 5 MMTPA, VISA Steel Ltd has well and truly established it as one of the top ten producers of steel in India. 

 The special steel, ferrochrome, and metallurgical coke types fall under the line of expertise for the company. Thus, it can be concluded that the position of VISA Steel is quite promising in these segments, illustrating the high levels of competitiveness in India’s steel market. 

10. Electrotherm India Limited 

Electrotherm India Limited 

 Electrotherm India Limited was established in 1983 and has emerged as a distinguished steel industry in India. Through this structure, the company is well-known for its practice of innovations especially in the area of manufacture of TMT bars and ductile iron pipes. 

 This is how Electrotherm’s ET TMT BARS have secured the dominant market position in Gujarat and are now the favourite TMT brand in the state. Ductile iron pipes are other products in the company portfolio, which are used in the transport of water and are part of infrastructure facilities. 

 Electrotherm has also ventured into the production of environment friendly transport as it started manufacturing battery operated scooters, in fact the first such company in India. This change highlights the company’s focus on sustainability as well as its capacity to address client requirements. 

11. APL Apollo Tubes 

APL Apollo Tubes 

 Located in Gujarat, APL Apollo Tubes Limited came into existence in 1986 and now stands as one of the largest structural steel tubes’ manufacturers in the country. It deals in a selection of steel tube and pipes for numerous applications, infrastructure, construction, and engineering. 

12. Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.

Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd.

The Ratnamani Metals & Tubes Ltd. was established in 1983 and now, it is considered as one of the leading companies in the Indian steel industry. Based in India, particularly Ahmedabad, this company explicitly deals in the production of pipes and tubes from stainless steel, carbon steel and high nickel alloys among others. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1983 

 – Headquarters: Ahmedabad 

 – Employees: 2,165 

 – Revenue (2023): $539. 71 million 

 A key capability at Ratnamani is that it has a wide range of products offering for its clients in the sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, water treatment etc. This firm has strived a lot in the area of quality and precision engineering making it a revered steel firm in the market. 

13. Prime Gold International Limited 

Prime Gold International Limited

 Prime Gold International Limited which was founded in the year 1997 has grown to become one of the key players in the steel industry. Started by Pradeep Agarwal, the firm is among the best both locally and from other countries. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1997 

 – Headquarters: Delhi 

 – Founder: Pradeep Agarwal 

Prime Gold specializes in producing high-quality steel products, including:

 – TMT steel bars 

 – Cement 

 – Doors 

 – Structural steel 

 – Wall paints 

 Another major accomplishment of Prime Gold is that the firm has featured among India’s leading ten producers of TMT bar. ;This has underlined that the company has given its focus to quality and innovation among the steel industries. 

 Prime Gold is a new and active company in the minds of the management and has been-growing under the visionary management of Shri Pradeep Aggarwal. This focus on construction solutions reveals the company’s commitment to constructing safe and healthy living environments for people in India. 

14. Bhushan Power and Steel

Bhushan Power and Steel

Bhushan Power & Steel Limited was established in 1970 by the visionary and the Landmark of India’s steel Industry Brij Bhushan Singal. As a firm with the main function of delivering and supplying stainless steel to the market, it has scored a good reputation in the market. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1970 

 – Headquarters: Delhi 

 – Founder: Brij Bhushan Singal M. B. A from Kurukshetra university, Kurukshetra. 

 – Employees: 5,000-10,000 

 – Current Production Capacity: The third step is: 5 MnTPA 

Bhushan Power & Steel Limited (BPSL) operates cutting-edge facilities across India, including:

 – Orissa 

 – Kolkata 

 – Derabassi 

 – Chandigarh 

 These plants are into mining of coal right from manufacture of carbon and special alloy wire rods and rounds meeting international specifications. 

The company’s product portfolio includes:

 – DRI 

 – Billets 

 – HR coils 

 – CR coils 

 – Precision tubes 

 – Black pipe 

 – GI pipe 

 – Cable tapes 

 – Tor steel 

 – Carbon steel 

 However, it should be noted that at the moment, BPSL has become a part of JSW Steel – one of the largest Indian metallurgical companies, which speaks about the company’s rather strong position on the market. 

15. ESL Steel Limited 

ESL Steel Limited 

 Formerly Electrosteel Steels Limited, ESL Steel Limited is one of the pioneering companies in making the Revolutionary Product Ductile Iron Pipes popular in India. Having been in existence for more than 50 years, the firm has set itself a goal of making sure that everyone around the world has safe water to drink. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 2006 

 – Headquarters: Jharkhand 

 – Founder: Anil Agarwal 

 ESL Steel mainly serves the mission to augment Human Quality by offering the dependable water supply system. They established the company as a noteworthy manufacturer of Ductile Iron Pipes, and is also celebrated for churning out some of the finest quality steel in India. 

 Thus, the primary focus of ESL Steel is on sustainability concerns, which always concentrates its efforts on the improvement of technologies and practices that will benefit society in general. It can be said that ESL Steel’s firm focus on quality, innovative, and sustainable approach keeps the company entrenched as one of the significant actors in the Indian market. 

16. Hindalco Industries

Hindalco Industries

Hindalco Industries limited is also a part of the largest conglomerate namely Aditya Birla group and the company enjoys a good reputation in manufacturing of aluminium and copper. SAIL was incorporated in 1958 and because of constant development it is one of the leading steel and metals organisations in the country. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1958 

 – Headquarters: Mumbai 

 – Founders: G. D Birla and Aditya Vikram Birla 

 – Employees: 76,800 

 – Current Production Capacity: Shaheen & Rashid- the parents of the children, 0. 29 million tonnes of flat-rolled products 

 Hindalco Industries, together with Novelis which is its subsidiary, is among the largest primary aluminium producers in Asia (excluding China). It is an involved firm in the various stages of the value chain that ranges from mining of bauxite to the manufacturing of different aluminium products. 

Hindalco’s operations include: 

 – Mining of bauxite 

 – Alumina refining 

 – Coal mining 

 – Captive power plants 

 – Aluminium smelting 

 – Downstream rolling 

 – To make extrusions and foils. 

The company serves various industries, including: 

 – Construction 

 – Building 

 – Electronics 

 – Transportation 

 – Electric vehicles 

 – Renewable energy 

 – Ceramics 

 – Pharmaceuticals 

 – Food packaging 

 – Consumer durables 

 – Kitchenware 

 Thus the vision to emend and embellish the company based on quality and innovation has helped the firm to play an important part in the resurgence of the Indian economy and the development of steel and metals FMCG industry. 

17. Vedanta Limited 

Vedanta Limited

 Thus, making its entry into the steel market Vedanta Limited acquired 90% of ESL Steel Limited (ESL) in June of 2018. This was done under Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process whereby the idea is to deal with non performing assets especially in the Indian banking sector. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 1965 (Vedanta Limited) 

 – Headquarters: Mumbai 

 – Founder: Dwarka Prasad Agarwal further 

 – Revenue (2023, Vedanta Resources): >$4. ” 6 billion 

 – Current Production Capacity: Transformational leadership strategies may include: 1. 5 MnTPA 

Vedanta’s Vision: 

 Vedanta wants to expand its steel business in Bokaro through ‘brownfield’ accretion intending to move up the ranks and become one of the leading steel producers in India. 

The company has ambitious plans for expansion and diversification:

 – 5 million tonnes of brownfield expansion 

 – Emphasis on how to manufacture long products, and ductile iron. 

 – Adherence to sustainable development in the steel industry 

Current Operations: 

Besides, it has developed a Greenfield plant that has a production capability of 1 lakh MT per annum. 5 million metric tonnes of steel, and thus be in a position to be an integrated steel company. 

The company’s product portfolio includes:

 – Ductile iron pipes 

 – Wire rods 

 – Billets 

 – TMT bars 

 The company’s vision of successful turnabout at Vedanta Steel Ltd is to transform into a significant global producer of superior quality low cost steel while steering India towards atmanirbhar Bharat. HS is also significant to the company hence its adherence to Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability (HSES) principles as it plans to expand its facilities. 

18. TATA Steel BSL 


 TATA Steel BSL which was earlier recognized as Bhushan Steel Limited has swiftly levelled up with a concern as a competitive threat to several other competitors in the Indian steel industry. Customers had to see a new name for the company on November 27, 2018 because Tata Steel acquired the company and renamed it Tata Steel BSL Limited . 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: Bhushan Group was founded in 1983 under the leadership of Mr. Neuman N. N. Mehra and Mr. Prabodh N. Mehra started as Bhushan Steel in the year 1995. 

 – Headquarters: Kolkata 

 – Founder: Brij Bhushan singhal 

 – Employees: 5000+ 

 – Revenue (2023, Consolidated Tata Steel, Tata Steel BSL, TSLP): In Columbia, the aggregate import value of products reached was valued at more than US3. 1 billion. 

 – Current Production Capacity: The fifth strategy is hence to avail for unique and innovative financing sources and models that help support the grave responsibility it bears. 6 MnTPA 

Unique Selling Points: 

 – The annual capacity of the company is 1. 2 million MTs and it has a unique distinction at present in India of having a dedicated line for manufacturing coils and sheets of width up to 1700 mm which are also from Cold Rolled Steel. 

 – A reputed firm that ranks the fifth among all the flat steel producers in India 

 – Currently the company has the distinction of being the largest Cold Rolled Steel plant in India. 

Product Portfolio: 

 TATA Steel BSL is a major provider of:TATA Steel BSL is a major provider of: 

 – High-carbon special steel 

 – Automotive grade steel 

 The operation to change the name of the company to Tata Steel BSL Limited has taken place as per developing activity of branding under Tata Steel, moreover, to make a unique identity under the Tata Group companies and to benefit from the Tata brand name. 

19. The M S Agarwal Foundries (P) Ltd. 

The M S Agarwal Foundries (P) Ltd. 

 It emerged as one of the leading primary steel manufacturing companies in India named as MS Agarwal Foundries (P) Ltd. Due to these notions supported by the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, the company has been in a position to sustain a competitive advantage in the market. 

Key Facts: 

 – Founded: 2003 

 – Headquarters: Telangana 

 – Founder: Shrimati Prem Lata Agrarwal and Shri Maneklal Agarwal 

 – Employees: 200+ 

 – Revenue (2023): $77. 48 million 

 – Current Production Capacity: Hence this TMT Industry has a total manufacturing capacity of 25 MnTPA. 

20.  Mideast Integrated Steel Ltd. (MISL)

Mideast Integrated Steel Ltd. (MISL)

Mideast Integrated Steel Ltd. (MISL), a prominent entity within India’s steel industry, was founded in 1992 and is part of the rapidly expanding MESCO Steel Group. With its headquarters in New Delhi, MISL has established significant operations in Odisha, a key region for iron ore resources. 

In 1996, MISL secured the Roida mining lease, enhancing its resource base. The company’s pig iron plant in Jajpur has been operational since 2005 and continues to function efficiently. MISL has a strategic partnership with Stemcor, UK, for marketing and funding, and has been a pioneer in technical collaboration with Sino Steel, China’s former CMIEC.

The MESCO Steel Group, to which MISL belongs, has diverse business interests including steel and airlines, making it one of India’s fastest-growing business conglomerates.


 The steel industry of India is one of the most progressive and fast-growing industries involving various distinguished players that are striving to enhance efficiency, apply latest cutting-edge technology, and sustainability principles along with delivering highest quality products to customers. Right from well-entrenched companies such as Tata Steel and Jindal Stainless to relatively younger companies like ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel India Limited, these companies are in the middle of driving India’s industrial evolution. 

 When it comes to product differentiation, one can see that the industry offers products starting with simple Primary metals such as Steel and Iron and moving towards more specialized Primary Metal Products such as Alloys and Tubes which depict the versatility of the industry to satisfy the requirements of a fast growing economy. Also, the case of ESL Steel and Vedanta demonstrates that speaking of the steel industry it is impossible not to speak of sustainable development.