Putting out content on the internet is one of the best mediums to express your voice to the public. With free speech getting threatened by the day makes it even more difficult for writers, editors and creators to express themselves freely. But with so much information on the internet, there can be instances that the actual content has already been published before. 

Well! Of Course there cannot be an organic approach to each and every creation. As inspiration can help in shaping the same content in a personalized style. Especially for writers, educators or editors, plagiarism is a necessary situation to be careful about. What is plagiarism you may ask? We will get into the details in a bit and also let you know how to avoid plagiarism. 

But before that, Business Outreach Magazine has a ‘Free Newsletter’ which you can subscribe to know about the latest news on business and industry. When it comes to plagiarism, there can be a possibility that language of the content has been applied to any previous platform, page or an article. Such occurrences can lead to the content being considered plagiarized. 

Plagiarism Checker

A plagiarism on your profile can hamper your professional credibility along with bringing any legal repercussions as well. Plagiarism cannot also happen unintentionally and you have to be very careful in these situations. In order to avoid any sort of plagiarism, there are tools and resources for you to check. 

A plagiarism checker tool is an online resource where you can check your content for any sort of plagiarism. The tool checks your content with any other published work that has been posted previously and denotes if any piece of content is copied from other works. 

A plagiarism checker tool can be useful for editors, writers along with publishers and many other professionals who want to understand if their work or content is authentic and original. Such tools are very responsive and can let you know about even the slightest hint of plagiarism.  

Top 5 Plagiarism Checker Tools in 2024

1. Duplichecker-


Duplichecker has a rating of about 4.3 out of 5. The free version of the tool can check up to 1,000 words and lets the writers know about any sort of plagiarism. The tool looks over the content by analyzing a massive database of uploaded sources on the internet. It also checks about any previous work that has been already published to see if both the contents are similar or not. 

Duplichecker has more to offer than just a resource for checking plagiarism. It also helps in curating content along with paraphrasing, checking grammar and works as a search tool for reverse image. With all of these to offer, Duplichecker is loved by several writers and editors.

Duplichecker has a simple user interface, where the text is copied and pasted on the platform before it goes for checking. It is one of the best tools for checking plagiarism. The professional after pasting the text on the platform can apply for all the needed checks very seamlessly. 

One of the most important features of Duplichecker is that it provides resources for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like an IP tool, analysis of texts and researching keywords. This tool also offers Website Management along with several others like SEO score checker, rewriting options and many others. Duplichecker works on text files like .docs, .pdf, .txt and several others. 

Duplichecker comes with personalized pricing options depending on the number of words required for checking. Some of the plans include $5/week for checking 10,000 words, $25/month for checking about 93,000 words and about $110/year for checking about 3,60,000 words. 

2. PaperRater-


PaperRater has an overall score of 4.4 out of 5. PaperRater’s free version can check up to 3,000 words. This tool can check grammar along with plagiarism and any spelling errors. It is very useful for writers and editors. 

PaperRater works with an advanced ML system which allows it to check for plagiarism, any sort of grammatical errors. It also offers suggestions to improve the content which makes it very useful for the professionals looking for a plagiarism checker.

The AI engine of PaperRater is called Grendel and approaches the users with key feedback for improving the content shared on the PaperRater platform. The tools of PaperRater are powered by Artificial Intelligence which helps in detecting plagiarism, checking for grammatical errors and analyzing any text in just a few seconds. This helps in providing a quick result to the users. 

The proofreading mechanism of PaperRater helps the users in improving any vocabulary along with readability. PaperRater also provides feedback on sentence length, along with suggestions in active and passive voice. 

When it comes to the pricing of PaperRater, the free version allows up to 5 pages in a submission. The $7.95/month plan allows up to 20 pages in a submission. 

3. Plagramme- 


Plagramme has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. The free version of Plagramme checks 1 document as per reports. Plagramme is a plagiarism checker tool that also offers several services like proofreading, grammar and spelling check. The tool can check long documents and give fast results to the users. 

Reports indicate that Plagramme offers its users to check their documents without signing up on the platform. On gathering more interest, users can later sign up to Plagramme and look into other tools provided by it. 

Plagramme is a plagiarism checker tool that can be used for academic purposes which goes through a huge database of about 80 million scholarly papers and ultimately provides a suitable result. The analysis of Plagramme also looks into citations along with scores in paraphrase, risks and many other metrics. 

On finding any plagiarized content, Plagramme focuses it in a different color with a said score.This helps the writers to check into any errors and correct it. The tool is said to bring links which it analyzes as the source of the content for the users to check their expected plagiarized works. 

Sometimes citations can be considered as plagiarized. So this tool ensures the proper check to avoid such situations. Plagramme also supports multilingual detection, where texts written in a different language also ensures a strong plagiarism check. 

There are different pricing plans for Plagramme. This includes 1 document under the free version, 3 documents for € 29.99, 6 documents for € 49.99 and several others. 

4. Grammarly- 


Grammarly has a rating of about 4.7 out of 5. The plagiarism checker tool can work up to 300 documents or about 150,000 words, as per reports. We are all familiar with Grammarly as we might have used it at some point during school, college or even while working. 

Grammarly provides several text analysis tools along with being a plagiarism checker. The platform is very useful for writers, authors and also students. With the help of ProQuest databases, Grammarly checks for plagiarism from about 16 billion pages on the internet. Grammarly also provides suggestions in sentence construction, punctuation along with improving vocabulary.

The tool also has a tone detector that helps the users in a lot of ways. Grammarly checks billions of online pages for plagiarism and also helps in rectifying errors along with providing feedback to your work. 

Grammarly also allows texts and sentences to be correct with vocabulary and sentence construction which can be a great benefit for writers. The pricing option of Grammarly is diverse and depends on the strength of the team. 

5. Unicheck-

Unicheck has a rating of about 3.8 out of 5 and can check up to 200 words. The plagiarism checker tool replies instantly and is very efficient for several academic scholars. The tool allows its users to check in bulk, as per report and supports many file formats. 

The report provided by Unicheck is very detailed. Reports indicate that Unicheck protects the texts uploaded on its platform by storing it on local servers and undergoing safety policies like GDPR and many others. 

There are many customized plans of Unicheck which are used by several educational institutes that check for plagiarism on the assignments and projects submitted by students. Surveys say that Unicheck provides results in just about a few seconds. 

The tool offers a simple API along with Google documents as add-ons and allows several integrations for seamless checks. There are several pricing plans for Unicheck that start from $5 to $600 dollars.

For a writer or an editor, plagiarism is an important phenomenon to look for. At times, plagiarism can be unintentional. But the blow on a writer’s credibility is something that drags on for a long time. The world runs on ideas which are fresh, innovative and valuable. The existence of such plagiarism checker tools exists due to the occurrence of unsuitable situations, where works have been copied from previously published materials. Just an eye for detail can save a writer or an editor from any unwanted concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

  1. What is plagiarism?

Ans– Plagiarism is using someone else’s work and releasing it as their own without providing any reference to the original writer. 

  1. Why should we use a plagiarism checker?

Ans– A Plagiarism checker helps in ensuring any work to be authentic and organic.

  1. Name a few plagiarism checker tools.

Ans– Grammarly, Unicheck and Plagramme are some of the plagiarism checker tools out there in the market. 

  1. What percentage of plagiarism can be accepted?

Ans– Reports say that 15% plagiarism can be accepted.