Adding color to one’s life makes life joyful, beautiful and loving. Painting your homes makes the home look more beautiful, and it adds color to life as well. Beautiful homes take away the sorrow and negativity and fill life with happiness. It also protects the surface of damage and adds a protective layer. This article will let you know about the Top paint brands in India.

The selection of the color is a tough task. Each family member has a different choice. But the selection of the color brand requires a good decision as well.

The Indian paint market has a market value of more than Rs. 50000 crore. With more than 50 companies in the market, selecting the best one to protect your house and building and beautify it is a tough task.

This holiday season, select the best paint brand for your home.

Top paint Brands in India: Best Paint Brand

Asian Paints

“Transform your walls with the magic of Asian paints.”

Asian Paints

With the highest turnover in the industry Asian Paints is the top paint brand in India. Founded in 1942 by four friends Chimanlal Choksi, Champaklal Choksi, Surykant Dani and Arvind Vakil. The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and is the biggest paint brand not only in India but worldwide.

Company operates in multi nations with a turnover of Rs. 251+ billion crore in 2022. Asian Paints offers varieties of products under paint offerings as per the use. The company has launched many innovative ideas with Colour worlds, Kid’s world etc. Asian Paints has also formed a training programme to train Painters under the name “ Asian Paint Colour Academy.

The company has more than 10 manufacturing plants in India and 26 plants in the world. The company’s marketing strategy team focuses on festive marketing campaigns and advertisements. The company is listed on both the NSE and BSE stock exchange in India.

Berger Paints

“No Daag, No Dhabba, Only Beautiful walls”
Berger Paints

Berger Paint is another top paint brand in India. Founded in 1923 by Lewis Berger, the company holds a significant market share in the paint industry. Based in Kolkata, India , the company operates its operations in multi nations including India, Nepal, and Poland. The company offers a variety of ranges for different purposes of your building walls. Interior, exterior, wooden, and many more. 

The company reported a turnover of Rs. 8,000 crore in FY 2022. The company aims to hit Rs. 10,000 crore in turnover by FY 24.The company is listed on Indian stock exchange with market cap of around Rs. 695 billion.

The company has 16 manufacturing plants in India and more than 25,000 dealers. Berger Paints is listed on NSE and BSE and is owned by the Dhingra family.

Kansai Nerolac Paints

“Jab ghar Ki Raunak Badhani ho , Diwaaron ko Jab Sajana ho , Nerolac Nerolac”

Kansai Nerolac Paints

With the popular and well known tagline, Nerolac is one of the top paints brands in India. The company was founded in 1920 in Mumbai Maharashtra. The Company has reported a turnover of more than Rs. 500 crore in F.Y 22. Nerolac net worth increased by 10.46% in FY 22 with around 30% market share in the industry. Nerolac is the subsidiary of Kansai Paint of Japan. Kansai Nerolac offers innovative products tech linked for different purposes.

The company has roughly 18% market share in the Indian Paint Industry. Initially, in 1920, the company was started in the name as Gahagan Paints and Varnish Co, but gradually from year to year the name changed and finally in 2006 it was changed to Kansai Nerolac Paint. The company has 7 manufacturing plants in India. Kansai Nerolac has launched various ad campaigns with many Bollywood celebrities and Red FM.

Indigo Paints

“Adding colours with a new brush”
Indigo Paints

Indigo was founded in 2000 by Hemant Jalan based in Pune Maharashtra. In 2018, Mahendra Singh Dhoni became the company’s brand ambassador. The company will debut in the secondary market in 2021. Indigo is engaged in manufacturing, selling and distribution of paints, wooden paints and decorative paints. In 2021, the company launched its IPO and raised Rs. 1170 through the public offer. The IPO was subscribed 117 times and debuted on the stock exchange with a 75% premium. It has 4 manufacturing plants in India. 

Nippon Paints

“Walls with Beauty and Brains”Nippon Paints

Noppon Paint was founded in 1881, one of the oldest paint brands. It was founded by Jujiro Moteki and Komyosha. The company is a Japanese company and was launched in India in 2006. The company offers a variety of home decorative paint products and wall protection solutions. The company aims at manufacturing eco-friendly products with the minimum impact of chemicals on the environment. Nippon Paints India had turnover of roughly around Rs. 500 crore in the year Dec 22. The company has sponsored Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challenger Bangalore in the IPL (Indian Premier League).  The company has subsidiaries throughout the world in different countries The company is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange. The company has reported revenue of 1 trillion yen in 2022 with net income of 79.4 billion yen. 

Shalimar Paints
Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paints is Gurgaon based paint company founded in 1902 by AC Turner and AC Wright. Earlier the company was known as Shalimar Paints and Varnish Ltd., but in 1963 the name was changed to Shalimar Paints. The company offers a variety of wall coatings and decorative paint solutions. Some of India’s well known buildings and structures are painted with Shalimar Paints, including Howrah Bridge, Rashtrapati Bhawan, AIIMS, and others.

The company has reported a turnover of Rs. 3673 million and is listed on the Indian stock exchanges. Shalimar was the first company to paint a fighter aircraft for the Indian Army.

Akzo Nobel India

Founded in 1994, Akzo Nobel India is a leading paints company in India.

The company has a long history of mergers and divestments.  Akzo Nobel has products under various brands Dulux, Herbol, Bruguer and many more. 

A well known paint brand in India “Dulux” is a product of Akzo Nobel India.

The company has reported a revenue of 10.8 million euros in FY 22. The company operates in more than 150 countries and is the world’s third largest paint manufacturing company by revenue. The company is listed on Euronext Amsterdam, an Amsterdam stock exchange. It has reported revenue of 10.846 billion euro in 2022 with 378 million euros of net income. The company offers decorative paints, protective coatings, powder coatings, and other paint products.

Jenson and Nicholson

“Everything we do starts with People. Planet. Paint.”

Gurgaon, Haryana based Jenson and Nicholson was founded in 1922 by John Jenson and Wilfred Nicholson. Jenson and Wilfred is considered as the second oldest paint company in India. The company was founded in London in 1821. The company has launched many innovative products in India, including Powder coating technology and Plastic emulsion paints. It is a joint venture between Jenson & Nicholson India Limited and Sheenlac to build a retail decorative paint brand in India. The company offers a wide range of paints and coating products on the market. 

Jotun Paints

“Jotun Protects Property”

Jotun Paints is a multinational chemical company that offers decorative paints and coating solutions. The company was founded in 1926 in Norway by Odd Gleditsch. In 2008, the company was established in India. Jotun Paints has brought the new technology to India. Jotun offers a variety of options for customers in the paint world. The company mainly offers decorative paints and performance coatings. Jotun Paints is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of coating products. Products of Jotun have been used on many well known landmarks like Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge, Burj Khalifa, Canton Tower, Haj Terminal in Jeddah, and many others.


The Indian paint industry has some top leaders with a significant market share in India. The industry has seen immense growth in the past few years. With the coming of new technology, better paint options, and range of products, the industry has expanded at faster rates. These above companies have brought many innovative changes to the Indian paint industry. In a broader look, the Indian paint industry can be seen as growing at higher rates with increase in modern technology and changes.

Disclaimer: This article is for your information purpose, we do not promote any company, its products or services. Also we don’t aim at defaming any company.