In particular, Business Process Outsourcing, often known as BPO, has become an important strategy for companies because of globalization. Indian BPO because of its large pool of skilled professionals, cheaper solutions, and strong Infosys structure is one of the most popular outsourcing destinations. 

BPO Companies In India

Below is the list of outsourcing BPO companies in India, which are being recognized for their performances, specialties, and roles in the world business market. 

Top BPO Companies in India
2.Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
4.Infosys BPM
7.Firstsource Solutions
8.Intelenet Global Services
10.WNS Global
11.EXL Service
12.Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)
13.Suntec India
14.Octopus Tech Solutions
15.Trupp Global

1. Genpact: Optimising Business Operations in Global Fortune 500 Firms 


Source: Alexa Hire

Genpact is an example of a tall organization, which is among the world’s largest professional services companies, that emerged from a relatively small start. Genpact was started in 1997 as a business division of the General Electric, and it was made a separate entity coming to the public stock in 2007. Today, it is famous for handling some of the most intricate business process operations, which involves working with largely the Global Fortune 500 clientele base. 

 Key Industries Served: 

 – These include, Commercial and consumer banking. 

 – Consumer goods 

 – Energy 

 – Healthcare 

 – Industrial manufacturing 

 – Retail 

Genpact – from a business unit for GE to a global BPO: an example of the company’s success in the modern business world. The company has a specific focus on managing complicated processes for the elite group of clients, which makes the company stand out in the BPO market. 

2. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS): India’s IT Giant 

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

Source: Times of India

Tata Consultancy Services otherwise abbreviated as TCS is in an era of a titan in the Information technology industry in India. Having become the largest Indian company in terms of the market capitalization TCS can be considered as one of the most prominent worldwide IT services, consulting, and business solutions providers. 

 Key Offerings: 

 – IT services 

 – Outsourcing 

 – Business solutions 

 – Asset leveraged solutions 

 TCS came into operation as a part of the Tata group conglomerate and was listed on the stock exchange on August 25, 2004. After that, it has extended its business reach and was catering to international clientage with the different services they offer. For instance, TCS, has been a success story that has placed India on the map in Information technology and outsourcing avenues. 

3. Accenture: A Global Professional Services Powerhouse


Source: Business Standard

Although originally not an Indian based firm, Accenture now has a strong branch in India especially in Bengaluru, India. Being one of the largest companies of IT services in India, Accenture provides a range of services that cover almost all aspects of business activity. 

 Service Areas: 

 – Strategy 

 – Consulting 

 – Digital 

 – Technology 

 – Operations 

 Such a position of Accenture indicates the significance of India as the major player in the sphere of outsourcing. The Outsourcing services delivery requires a good working environment, and the recognition, which the company has received from being among the Best Companies to work for in 2020 as awarded by the Business Today shows that the company cares for employees, which makes them produce their best. 

 4. Infosys BPM

Infosys BPM

 Infosys BPM which is a BPO company functioning in the country has been in operation for more than seventeen years and serves over two hundred customers. The firm mainly focuses on offering outsourcing services right from project design, development and implementation to the clients across the world. 

 Key Service Areas: 

 – Customer service 

 – Human resources 

 – Digital interactive services 

 – Robotic process automation 

 – Business transformation services 

Infosys BPM has broad experience in various domains thus making it capable of providing end-to-end solutions to its clients around the world. This is especially so given that their portfolio’s current and future deal with emergent technologies such as robotic process automation places them in a vantage point of overseeing the BPO industry’s technological advancement. 

 5. Wipro


Source: Business Today

 Looking at Wipro’s transition map from being a vegetable oil manufacturer company to being one of the multinational corporation IT giants, one cannot but marvel. Wipro was incorporated on 29th December 1945 and gained a place in history by being the first Software technology and services company of India which was declared ISO certified in February 2002. 

 Expertise Areas: 

 – Cognitive computing 

 – Hyper-automation 

 – Robotics 

 – Cloud computing 

 – Analytics 

 – Emerging technologies 

 The BPO firm Wipro is a good example of the adaptability and innovative imperative that defines India’s leading BPO firms. Their focal points on technologies make them have the ability to always compete in the global outsourcing market. 

6. IBM: A Global Tech Giant with Strong Indian Presence


Source: News18

As it can be seen, IBM is a large global company active in 170 countries and India is one of those countries mainly in the BPO service sector. Focusing on the global experience, the company offers a wide list of services to a vast number of clients. 

 Key Services: 

 – Third-party risk management 

 – Real estate management 

 – Recruitment and training 

 – Supplier sourcing 

 – Product procurement 

 Across the globe, IBM has touched 35,000 clients and the company’s functioning in the Indian domain is instrumental in catering these services. A synopsis of its strength therefore puts it in a very strategic position to compete effectively in the Indian BPO market, enhanced by its global nature but with local knowledge. 

 7. Firstsource Solutions

Firstsource Solutions

Source: Trade Brains

 Firstsource Solutions belongs to Mumbai and is one of the leaders among the providers of Business Process Management (BPM) services focused on the clients’ needs. It operates in more than India but has its presence in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Philippines. 

 Key Sectors Served: 

 – The financial sector comprises commercial, merchant, investment Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies as well as other non-banking financial corporations. 

 – Customer services 

 – Telecom and media 

 – Healthcare 

 The Firstsource Solutions have recently been awarded Gold and Silver at the UK Complaint Handling Awards 2020 to support their claims of improved consumer satisfaction services. This acknowledgement brings to light the extent of services that Indian BPO companies are capable of rendering in an international environment. 

 8. Intelenet Global Services

Intelenet Global Services

Source: Justdial

 Intelenet Global Services which had earlier incidentally operated under the name of Serco Global Services has more than one turn in its story on acquisitions. The Tata Group company came into existence in 2000 in Mumbai and has changed ownership many times, Blackstone, Serco, and Teleperformance. 


 – IT & online services 

 – Tourism, transportation and the service industry 

 – Telecom and utilities 

 – Banking and financial services are grouped in this category. 

 Using the case of Intelenet, cornerstone activities and acquisitions can be identified that showcase the evolution of the BPO industry and the propositions that Indian outsourcing vendors offer their international clientele. 

 9. Maxicus


Source: Maxicus

 Maxicus also distinguishes itself as a reliable discerner of the Indian BPO market, as a company with over twenty years of experience in the key direction of improving the organization of customer relations and increasing revenues for major brands and companies of the financial turnover of 500 billion dollars. 

Key Offerings:

– Customer lifecycle management

– Omnichannel customer support

– Phygital – Virtual shopping experience

– Tech support

– Back-office support

– Data annotation

– Customer service automation

Maxicus is also progressive in their philosophy of customer experiences through working with phygital environments and utilizing the possibilities of the automation of the customer relations sphere, which makes them offer cutting-edge BPO services. This is in addition to a promise of aiding clients in over 10 different languages as a way of expanding its market globally. 

 10. WNS Global

WNS Global

Source: WNS

 WNS Global Services has 18 operating centres across India and has a strength of more than 20000 employees and hence is among the major players in the BPO industry in India. The company deals with the provision of functional solutions to global clientele. 

 Service Areas: 

 – Analytics 

 – Customer experience services 

 – Human resources 

 – Legal services 

 – Finance and accounting 

 – Research and analytics 

 – Credit/collections 

 – Transaction processing 

 Because WNS Global has served various industries and has its branches located throughout India, this company is the most recommended business process outsourcing company that can handle numerous organization’s processes. 

 11. EXL Service

EXL Service

Source: Contact Center World

 Initially founded in 1999 jointly by Vikram Talwar and Rohit Kapoor, EXL Service has emerged as a multiservice professional multinational company with concentrated operation in attaining India. The company stands out in the BPO industry as a result of the approach they term ‘Digital Intelligence’. 

 Key Service Areas: 

 – Analytics 

 – Operations management 

 – Technology outsourcing 

 – Finance and accounting 

 – Legal processes 

 – Transactions 

 – Bill collections 

 – Customer services 

 The strategy of using digital and domain knowledge with human resources and technology used by EXL Service makes the company offer their clients outstanding services. 

 12. Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS)

Source: Logistics and SCM

 Founded in 2012, HGS is focused on creating and providing customer experiences that are easy and efficient with the help of technology enhanced services combined with industry specialization. Their operations in Canada, Jamaica, Philippines, UAE, United Kingdom and United States of America as well as India make them very much aware of the customers’ needs of the world. 

 Focus Areas: 

 – Back-office processing 

 – Contact centres 

 – HRO solutions 

 – Automation 

 – Analytics 

 – Digital services 

 Due to their approach of using technology to complement human labour, HGS can safely be held as a partner of choice when it comes to the improvement of the customer experience for organizations. 

13. Suntec India

Suntec India

Source: Justdial

Established in the year 1999, Suntec India is into offering Multi-process IT outsourcing and related services to various clients. Currently, employee’s turnover is 1,500 and Suntec India cooperates with 7,800 organizations, among them are IT giants which belong to the group of Fortune 500. 

 Key Service Areas: 

 – Data services 

 – eCommerce 

 – Publishing 

 – Digital marketing 

 Thus, appreciable to note that Suntec India receives the acknowledgment of a Global Leader in Data Entry Services from Clutch in May of 2020 to testify its quality and standard in its niche. 

 14. Octopus Tech Solutions

Octopus Tech Solutions

 However, recently established in 2011 Octopus Tech Solutions already gained a significant position in the Indian BPO market. It has four operations offices across India and is indeed catering its clients across the globe in terms of providing many types of services related to technology. 


 – Web design 

 – E-commerce 

 – Voice support 

 – Non-voice support 

 Thus, the title ‘’the future of outsourcing ‘’for Octopus Tech Solutions can be viewed as justified based on their orientation on the cutting-edge niche and the versatility of such industries as telecommunication, marine, cargo, and financial. 

 15. Trupp Global

 Trupp Global

 It seems to have been set up just a couple of years back less than 6 years and even being so tiny among the colossal troupes of Indian BPO companies, Trupp Global has shown the potential of becoming a leading company. About this, they were able to retain their customers with a 95/100% retention level, which can be argued as evidence to their excellent service delivery and clients’ satisfaction. 

 Key Strengths: 

 – Expert workforce 

 – Customer service approach 

 – Transparency 

 The growth model of Trupp Global in fewer years has clearly depicted the position and the opportunities of the call centre industry in India, which is really full of challenges and opportunities for the newcomers who are capable enough to provide quality service and develop corporate bonds with clients. 


 Thus, the top Indian BPO companies and other companies operating in this sector keep performing a significant function in the existing world economy. Old players of India, like TCS and Infosys, along with the new players of the industry, such as Maxicus and Trupp Global, provide services encompassing the call centre services that are growing with the increasing demands throughout the world.