The famous video creating and browsing domain ‘’ dethroned ‘’ to become the top domain of the world.

Last year, the famous video platform ‘’ stood at the 7th rank in the list of most popular domains. This year TikTok got even bigger! Surpassing huge companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, etc. it was TikTok that secured the number 1 position.

According to Cloudflare, towards the end of 2021, the list of top 10 domains is as follows:


The list was based on the amount of traffic received on each website from year to year.  In the words of Cloudflare, they described TikTok’s journey as, “It was on February 17, 2021, that TikTok got the top spot for a day. Back in March, TikTok got a few more days and also in May, but it was after August 10, 2021, that TikTok took the lead on most days. There were some days when Google was #1, but October and November were mostly TikTok’s days, including on Thanksgiving (November 25) and Black Friday (November 26).”

Although this doesn’t make TikTok the biggest social media platform yet. The data indicates the amount of traffic received on the domain so far, in this particular year. In terms of number of users, TikTok surely has surpassed huge social media platforms like Snapchat and Twitter but is still behind Facebook and Instagram. 

According to insider intelligence, TikTok saw a 59.8% growth in the number of users in 2020 and another 40.8% growth in 2021. It is believed that TikTok will further grow its number of users by another 15.1% by 2022. This would mean that TikTok will have about 20% share of the total number of social media users in the world. 

The list of most famous streaming platforms was obviously ruled by Netflix and YouTube. But surprisingly Twitch couldn’t make it to the top 10. According to the report, NASA’s website also received a huge amount of traffic as 2021 has been a huge year for the aerospace industry. The most popular messaging websites remained WhatsApp and Telegra