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Google Cloud is getting expensive. The search giant’s cloud infrastructure services will cost more with the company announcing new prices across a number of core services. Google, however, claims that the price hike is dependent on customers’ usage and that what it is offering is basically “more flexible pricing models and options.” In a blog post, Sachin Gupta vice president, and GM, of Google Cloud Infrastructure, detailed the announcement of the new price that will come into effect starting October 1, 2022.

Which Google Cloud Services are changing? What new services are being introduced?

We are changing prices for some storage, computing, and networking products. The changes provide customers with new ways to optimize their spending based on workload type and size, or data portability needs, as well as reducing costs on some services. Specific changes include:

  • Cloud Storage pricing changes for data mobility, including replication of data written to a dual- or multi-region storage bucket, and inter-region data access.
  • Introduction of a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for Persistent Disk (PD), so that compliance/archiving use cases are charged less than compute-intensive DevOps workloads.
  • New outbound data processing pricing for Cloud Load Balancing, in line with other leading cloud providers.
  • New pricing for Network Topology, which will include Performance Dashboard within Network Intelligence Center at no additional charge.

Will customers’ bills increase or decrease?

While the pricing is going up for sure. The company says that it is not necessary that all customers will have to pay more. As the impact of the pricing changes depends on customers’ use cases and usage. “While some customers may see an increase in their bills, we’re also introducing new options for some services to better align with usage, which could lower some customers’ bills. In fact, many customers will be able to adapt their portfolios and usage to decrease costs. We’re working directly with customers to help them understand which changes may impact them,” said Sachin Gupta, vice president, and GM, of Google Cloud Infrastructure.

When will the new prices go into effect?

Google has sent customers a six-month notice of the price changes, which go into effect on October 1, 2022. Customers under existing commit contracts with a floating or fixed discount will not face any changes until renewal.

The company has asked customers to read through the Mandatory Service Announcement (MSA) sent on March 14. “Consider what actions, if any, they may want to take based on current storage, networking, and compute needs,” it says in the blog post.

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