Meta Platforms, Inc. (Meta) is a global technological corporation based in the United States that owns and administers Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and WhatsApp. Meta is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. 

Facebook, Inc. and The Facebook, Inc. were previous names for Meta platform Inc. Facebook became Meta in 2021. 

Meta offers solutions for social networking, advertising, and business intelligence. Meta’s solutions assist individuals in three ways: connecting, finding communities, and growing enterprises. 

Meta Platforms (META) has been profitable for ten years in a row. Meta’s revenue was $32 billion in the second quarter of 2023, an 11% rise year on year. The bulk of this money came from advertising. 

Meta’s revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2023, was $120.523B, a 0.93% rise over the previous year. Meta’s yearly revenue in 2022 was $116.609B, a 1.12% decrease over 2021.

Horizon Worlds is a metaverse where users may socialize, attend virtual events, and more. Meta also intends to develop technology that detects and maps the environment around a user. This system might include a network of cameras installed in the user’s house. 

Meta is also unveiling a new program to assist college students in the United States in studying using virtual reality. 

Mosseri had also said: “Politics and hard news are important, I don’t want to imply otherwise. But my take is, from a platform’s perspective, any incremental engagement or revenue they might drive is not at all worth the scrutiny, negativity (let’s be honest), or integrity risks that come along with them.”

The Trending Topics feature is expected to be added to Meta’s newest social networking app, Threads, shortly, according to a screenshot mistakenly uploaded by a Meta employee. Users have been asking for a Trending Topics feature since the debut of Threads in July of this year, to assist them in locating the most talked about issue on Meta’s Twitter/X competitor.

However, in an interview with The Verge soon after the introduction of Threads, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that the purpose of Threads was not to replace Twitter, but to establish a “public square for communities on Instagram.”

Mosseri’s statements caused many users to believe that Threads will never have the trending topics feature, which has been extensively utilized on Twitter as a source of breaking news, politics, and controversy.

Threads Trending Topics: App developer William Max discovered the new trending topics functionality via a snapshot captured by an unknown Meta employee who unintentionally uploaded it on Threads. The new feature ranks subjects numerically underneath the search bar and displays the amount of postings on each topic.