The ability to exchange original-quality photographs was uncovered in the WhatsApp beta for the Android upgrade.

WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, may soon allow users to share original-quality images with other contacts. Images shared over WhatsApp are now compressed, resulting in blurry images. However, WaBetaInfo reports that the corporation is working on the ability to send photographs in their original quality. WaBetaInfo is a website that tracks forthcoming WhatsApp features.

The capability was spotted in the WhatsApp beta for the Android upgrade. According to the source, the messaging app intends to add a new setting icon to the drawing tool header. Users will be able to configure image quality, including their original quality, with the new icon. This will give them more control over the shot quality.

The new WhatsApp feature is currently in the works. It is scheduled to be released with a future update.

Meanwhile, it was recently revealed that WhatsApp is introducing the ability to block persons within the conversation list as well as from notifications. According to reports, the app would add two more entry points to ban users. The first shortcut is to open the conversation option in the chat list and ban a contact. The second method is to block users via a notification sent to their phone. If a user receives a call from an unknown user, he or she can block them directly from the app notification.

These two new WhatsApp shortcuts for blocking users will make it easier to block unknown contacts without having to check their messages. The new shortcuts are accessible to WhatsApp beta users who have downloaded the version for Android. The most recent beta is now available on the Google Play Store. It will be given out to more users in the following weeks.