These benefits are almost similar to building a team to do a business venture. You make partners build a complete team. In the same manner, you go for owning a franchisee which makes your team complete.

You go for the franchise to –

  1. Success Blueprint / Proven process of business
  2. Faster way to revenues / profits
  3. Cut risks of failure
  4. Build a good business team
  5. A Successful Brand

But always remember before going for the franchisee association.

  1. Owning and running a franchise is a business. Franchise business is as lucrative as any business can be!
  2. Franchisees can cost anywhere from small cost to a fortune!

In this digital age, the lucrative factor is becoming better with your efforts as the cost of business is lower especially in the service sector.

Regrob has 50+ successful franchisees in India. The best part of Regrob is its highly profitable asset-light business model. 

An asset-light business model is a low-cost business with higher profitability.

The company or business venture doesn’t have high maintenance assets and this keeps the cost low for an entrepreneur.

As the simple formula of profit is

Profit = Revenues – Cost

So the power of keeping costs low directly increases your profits.

An asset-heavy business has high costs to run so it becomes very costly to manage it. (I would not suggest this to new age entrepreneurs)

When you look for an asset-light franchise to start your profitable business. You are looking at these points –

  1. A business that generates higher profits
  2. Low cost business so managing is easy
  3. A proven model to start your business
  4. A strong team to lead the business
  5. Road to revenues is fast and higher profits

There are few businesses that are the answer to this specific question. Let me discuss a business that is having 35+ successful and profitable franchisee partners with us –

Let’s discuss the innovative asset-light business model of Regrob –

  • No big offices and shop is required.
  • High Demand and High Margin business
  • 500+ builder tie ups and 35 branches
  • Lead generation and marketing is automated
  • Heavy tech use which generates high efficiency

We at Regrob have built awarded asset-light franchisee model after a lot of research. A lot of work, research, and education in franchisee business, asset-light business, technology automation, and real estate have gone into building this model.

I personally failed at my first business due to high and unmanageable cost so did not repeat the mistake again and built this asset-light business. Now all our franchisee partners are happy because of this high margin and asset-light approach. So tough lessons paved way for future

We work as a tech-enabled real estate consultancy company and real estate is one huge industry in India. Let’s see why real estate is the preferred business for new-age entrepreneurs –

  • High demand with fast urbanization and need for housing
  • High margins as ticket size is high
  • People intensive – need for quality people is very high
  • Low home loan rates
  • Growing professionalism with govt initiatives like RERA & GST
  • Role of matchmakers is very high

So if we see the economy then with the advent of E-commerce most industries are facing heat like travel agents, shop owners, retailers, etc. But real estate needs a lot of quality people to complete the transactions.

We were recently awarded the asset-light fastest growing franchise business in India in an international summit.

When you are starting a business your whole focus should be on making your business successful. You must be very smart in spending every penny so you may generate good returns for your business, team and family.