To increase its client base and reach, Delhi’s renowned market locations like Chandni Chowk will soon be accessible online for shopping at ‘Delhi Bazaar’. 

Delhi Bazaar is a virtual marketplace for the city’s most famous marketplaces. It would provide them with worldwide visibility by putting their successful shops together on a virtual platform.

The government will promote the ‘Delhi Bazar’ online, which would enable anybody from anywhere in the globe to come, virtually explore, and buy their favorite items in Delhi’s marketplaces. 

Meanwhile, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government would promote Delhi’s homegrown enterprises on a worldwide scale. 

The event was co-organized by the shopkeepers of Chandni Chowk and the Chamber of Trade and Industry (CTI). It included a variety of stores, including apparel and food vendors.

Our government is pro-business and pro-industry. We have made numerous efforts to eliminate red tape and promote business growth. Our plan is to beautify other markets in Delhi, similar to Chandni Chowk so that more people visit them and business flourishes,” Delhi CM said while attending the ‘Chandni Chowk Shopping Festival’ at Rangpuri on Sunday.

If the government system is simplified, and opportunities are provided to businessmen and entrepreneurs, undoubtedly, we (India) can surpass China,” he added.

The Delhi Chief Minister also went to each store and spoke with the owners. He also praised the efforts of Chandni Chowk businesspeople and shopkeepers in organizing the event.

Arvind Kejriwal applauded the effort and indicated interest in organizing similar festivals and events in the future. He said that such events might be held by the market and industry to allow buyers and sellers to engage.