Soon in near future, one will be able to have a lifelike conversation with a lifeless body that runs on electricity.

Engineered Arts, a designer, and manufacturer of a humanoid entertainment robot company created ‘Ameca.’ A perfect mixture of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Body (AI x AB). Ameca is specifically created with the purpose to provide a platform where “Artificial Intelligence and machine learning system can be tested and developed.” As the company states, “Ameca is the perfect humanoid robot platform for human-robot interaction.”

The UK based Engineered Arts created a robot with lifelike expressions Ameca
The UK based Engineered Arts created a robot with lifelike expressions Ameca

On December 2, Engineered Arts uploaded a video providing the first look at the robot’s facial expressions. In it, Ameca appears to be “waking up” in a confused state of him and his surroundings. He also expressed frustration and surprised emotion at the same point. In the end, with a shy, innocent look on his face, he extends his hand in greet.

The video of Ameca’s incredible depiction of human expressions has gone viral. Viewers are still bewildered and comment it to be fake or the work of CGI (Computer-generated imagery). But soon they will be able to witness the robot, as it will be on display at CES 2022 in January.

For now, Ameca is able to do various facial expressions and hand gestures but is not to walk yet. The company claimed to have done research into it, but haven’t yet created a walking robot. “Walking is a difficult task for a robot” The company states.

Similar to Ameca, the company has also created ‘Mesmer’ and ‘Robo Thespian’. The company has developed a “state-of-the-art software framework: Tritium.” On which all the company’s robots are built. The company claims that its robots can be operated remotely.

Engineered Arts claims to build humanoid robots with the intention to entertain and attract the attention of onlookers, and also for science development. The company markets the robot, currently at an undisclosed price, and also has given access to the user to experiment on it.