The Tesla Motors CEO requested that the Union government remove the social welfare surcharge of 10% from electric cars

Elon Musk, CEO of the US-based electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, has been invited to establish manufacturing plants in four states by three political parties. Soon after Musk voiced concern about India’s high import tariffs, top NCP legislator Jayant Patil urged him to locate the company’s manufacturing factory in Maharashtra. Punjab Congress chairman Navjot Singh Sidhu and West Bengal minister Md Ghulam Rabbani followed suit.

The first Indian minister to invite Musk to set up business in India was Telangana Industry and Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao “Will be happy to partner Tesla in working through the challenges to set shop in India/Telangana. Our state is a champion in sustainability initiatives & a top-notch business destination in India”. Read his tweet encouraging the CEO of SpaceX to “set shop” in Telangana. 

“ Maharashtra is one of the most progressive states in India. We will provide you with all the necessary help from Maharashtra for you to get established in India. We invite you to establish your manufacturing plant in Maharashtra.” tweeted Jayant Patil, Maharashtra’s Minister for Water Resources.

Another minister to join in was Punjab Congress Chief Navjot Singh Sidhu, who replied to the tweet saying “Punjab Model will create Ludhiana as a hub for Electric Vehicles and Battery industry with time-bound single window clearance for investment that brings new technology to Punjab, create green jobs, walking path of environment preservation and sustainable development”. 

Before-tax breaks could be considered, the Union Heavy Industries Ministry had requested that the electric vehicle manufacturer begin producing EVs in India. According to the PTI news agency, Tesla has urged that the Union government standardise the tariff on electric automobiles at 40%, regardless of Customs value, and remove the 10% social welfare fee on