Leaders today face an evolutionary challenge that they must embrace to not just survive,
but thrive

The events of the past few years have caused leaders to embark on a precipitous and
often delicate high-wire act that sees them seeking to drive growth while carefully
balancing multiple other considerations. Supply chain disruptions, inflationary
pressures, and shifts in the talent landscape and nature of work are just some of the
pressures leaders and organisations have to tackle. Now, perhaps more than ever,
leaders need to juggle all of this while being ready to pivot as circumstances change. To
say it is a daunting and almost thankless challenge would be an understatement.
Even so, companies and leaders cannot settle for simply moving the needle forward in
an incremental manner. They must instead look to orchestrate transformational
performance transformation level, and the challenge for setting this tone often falls
upon the organisational leader as a talisman of growth.
But even as uncertainty looms large, there are opportunities to be unearthed too closer
to home. Industries and sectors that might have previously flown under the radar now
start to grab the spotlight, offering growth opportunities for savvy leaders and
organisations to chart a growth roadmap that might have been previously unforeseen.
Indeed, even as a slowdown has hamstrung economies the world over, the India growth
story remains strong, with the country on track to become the world’s third-largest
economy by 2027, surpassing Japan and Germany. India is already the fastest-growing
economy in the world, having clocked 5.5% average GDP growth over the past decade.
Inevitably, the eyes of industries and organisations the world over then turn to India as
a once-in-a-generation opportunity starts to take shape.
Inspired leadership: The need of the hour
Ideas are often the spark for something bigger, but perhaps more important than simply
having the spark of inspiration is a fuller understanding of how to create a pathway to
impact. Implementing a great idea is the real challenge at hand, even more so in times
of disruption, and a few select leaders epitomise this wave of change best. By assessing,
architecting, and advancing the idea of growth of change, these are leaders that stand
differentiated, and their feats have seen them earn their place in a select cross-section
known as the Business Icons of India 2023.
This unique initiative has been shaped by insights gleaned from an industry-wide
consumer study conducted by LeadCap Ventures, with brands appraised on the
following parameters:

● Vision & Mission
● Adaptability
● Innovative Thinking
● Peer Network Influence
● Employee Engagement
● Organisational Performance
● Stakeholder Reviews
● Leadership Capabilities
● Personal Imagery And Perception
● Future Outlook
Now in its second edition, this one-of-a-kind platform recognises trailblazers that put
big ideas into practice, tasting grand success in the process. The counterintuitive
nature of the truths and strategies they embraced to great effect demonstrate how
leaders can capture the full value at stake. By looking beyond the popular growth
mindsets, they have used unconventional growth levers to pursue holistic growth. Their
successful implementation of breakthrough ideas will see them felicitated in a glittering
on-ground ceremony in Mumbai on March 24th.
With a line-up of industry experts and seasoned veterans, the audience can look
forward to a litany of ideas and insights from across industries, journeys of start-up
founders and discussions on leadership during crises and, importance of empathy for
The power-packed speaker line-up includes:
● Amit Chopra, Managing Director India and South Asia, Thermo Fisher Scientific
● Amit Gossain, Managing Director, KONE Elevator India
● Ashok Ramachandran, President, Schindler
● Dinesh Aggarwal, CEO, RR Kabel
● Girish Kousgi, Managing Director and CEO, PNB Housing Finance
● Kanika Tekriwal, CEO & Founder, JetSetGo Aviation
● Manpreet Singh, Chief Digital Officer, PwC India
● Shivam Puri, CEO, Cipla Health
Speaking ahead of the event, Sharad Gupta, Co-Founder & COO, Team Marksmen
Network said, “It goes without saying that charting a course to a higher growth trajectory
needs a skilled captain at the helm. One who ensures the tailwinds in play are fully
leveraged, while course correcting or adjusting for environmental anomalies, as the case
may be. In high-growth or lean periods, the criticality of strong leadership cannot be
underestimated or stated strongly enough. The Business Icons of India 2023 are an
example of the growth trajectory that can be charted even amid headwinds, and we hope
others draw inspiration from their successes.”

The many hats a modern leader must wear – that of a visionary, a growth architect, a
coach, or a catalyst – make them a critical driving force for good. We hope the feats of
these iconic leaders serve as markers for what companies need to do to confidently
navigate towards, and conquer, the next frontier of growth.
To know more about this landmark initiative, write to us at
[email protected].

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